The Korean dish dak galbi/ dalkalbi/ etc. in Taipei?

When I lived in Korea, one of my favourite dishes was dak galbi - chicken fried in a big mess of kimchi and rice cakes and whatever else. Does anyone know if this exists here in Taipei?

Wikipedia entry:

Korean: 닭갈비 (although I’m sure those characters won’t work for some people).

(Random Korean restaurant tips: the one in Tianmu, sort of kitty corner to the baseball stadium, is probably my favourite; it has no English name but the Chinese name is 濟州管韓國料理. One near Taida, 韓庭州 (again, no English name) didn’t impress me at all. But there’s a thread for favourite Korean restaurants - what I’m looking for is this dish in particular.)

there is a dak kalbi place called “春天something”
Address is

better to call ahead and see if you can get a table. this place gets alot of customers.

Hope you enjoy! Its pretty good, I’m Korean so I should know :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll try to get there sometime soon. (And welcome to Forumosa!)

that looks delicious!!

sofia714- do you know any place in taipei that serves galbi jjim? you’d be my hero if you knew a place that serves a good one

Just updating on the above: the restaurant is called 春川達卡比 (Chūnchuān Dákǎbǐ), and has no English name. Address 台北市新生北路1段146號 (Xinsheng North Road Section 1, #146), phone 2-2523-2073.

Open 5:30pm to midnight.

And yes, you should make a reservation. We finally tried to get there last night; we arrived a bit past six, and they wouldn’t have been able to seat us until 9pm. (It’s a pretty small place.)

We’ll have to try again sometime soon.