The Lab: A western-style English Theatre Company.

Butterfly Effect Theatre Company
is nearly finished building a new small theatre, rehearsal, film “black box” space near Tianmu and on the MRT red line. Called THE LAB, this new venue will be a place to see professionally produced full-length comedies and dramas- of the sort not usually seen in Taipei. Workshops, group play readings, film castings, and more are on the horizon. Check out our page at

This sounds cool. Please give us an updates!


[color=#0000FF]8pm DECEMBER 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21[/color]


Actor- [color=#0000FF]Brandon Thompson[/color] (Apt 3a, Title of Show)
Costume Designer- [color=#0000FF]Jenna Robinette[/color] (Hedwig, Jolin Tsai Concert)
Live music scoring- [color=#0000FF]Andrew page[/color]
DIrector- [color=#0000FF]Brook Hall[/color] (Hedwig, Title of Show, Anything Goes, Smokey Joes Cafe)

“FESTIVE” Holiday beverages will be available

Tickets: 350 NT - pay by ATM or at Family Mart



John Maloney’s return to Taipei for his popular Shakespearean Acting one-day class

Twas a hot sweaty day
We gathered in North Taipei
We were 24 hours away
From staging a brand new play

The script had yet to be written
The lovers had yet to be smitten
The costumes had yet to be fitten
The beds would surely be shit in

Thru the sweat and thru the grime
Together we vowed we’d be on time
Forgetting lines would be a crime
Even though we weren’t to earn a dime

30 odd actors,
6 writers
6 directors
Thru all the stress
In what should have been a mess
The First 24 hour play fes’
Was a huge success

Congrats to all participants. In over 30 years in The Theatuh, I have never experienced such an outpouring of commitment, talent, guts and hard work. As we recover today, think back on all you accomplished with pride. You broke all the legs.


Went to see the most recent production today, Ives’ Shorts. Six short plays, funny stuff. Looking forward to the next show in June already. Really glad to have this place in my hood

Last chance to get bombed.

I first met Derek Kwan at an informal play reading Brook Hall organized, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Right away, I knew there was something special about this guy. He then beat me out for an amazing acting opportunity in last year’s Gods of Carnage and upon seeing his performance, was so happy he did take the role over me as he more than nailed it. I’m so happy audiences got to experience his nuanced turn over what have been my (projected) uber-menacing characterization.

Now Derek is back and exploring with mask this time. In my humble opinion, there is nothing more moving than a great mask performance. He is a tireless and talented thespian with a CV as long as a Q2Q rehearsal and he is now putting the finishing touches on his one person show, due to open next Friday 1/13 at The Lab. Here’s some vid:

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