The Landis Hotel Tainan will be ceasing its operations

The Dayih Landis Hotel in Tainan will be closing effective June 30, 2020.
This news follows the closing of the Landis in Taichung on March 9.


If you’re a fan of dining there, the clock is ticking.


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those types of classy hotels cannot hold out when tourist industry is closed to outsiders

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Ehh, the Landis was nice but not superstar or anything, it was aging and overpriced and there are newer fancier joints right nearby that serve high end customers. Small boutique hotels and airbnb had been taking a lot of their biz for a while as well. It has an epic lobby and the rooftop pool was nice but rooms not really bang for the buck.

On the other hand, The Hotel One they owned in Taichung was my favorite hotel in Asia pretty much. That’s a real loss there…