The Landis Taichung Hotel will be ceasing its operations

The Landis Taichung Hotel announced that they will cease operations on March 9, 2020.

Yahoo News (in Chinese)

Taiwan News (in English)

Better try out their food before they close. :sweat_smile:
How’s the food in Landis Hotel?

I’ve only had breakfast there and late night snacks in the lounge on top that was all OK with nice feeling.

Great location and views from rooms.

Maybe another hotel brand will take over the space.

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If it’s run by the same people as the Landis Tainan, I’m not really surprised they’re closing …

Planning to visit the hotel over the weekend. Should atleast try their meals before they cease operations.

Is the service of the Tainan branch that terrible?

I’m just being snippy :slight_smile: It’s not awful. But apparently it’s a 5-star hotel, so I would have expected better.


“5-star hotels” In Taiwan are an utter joke. They must have their own criteria for deciding the status. It’s certainly not an international standard. Try ANY buffet from a “famous” place. Pretty much nondescript muck that a Holiday Inn in Somalia would serve you. The waitstaff rarely pick up your plates, cups and glasses when you’re finished.
My worst experience was a “Five-star” hotel in Taroko. The windows in the bedroom were bolted shut and the room fridge didn’t work. Not like the fridge even had a stocked bar or anything. The “breakfast buffet” consisted of mainly vile rubbish like congee with sweet pork floss, tepid, cheap sausages, bacon swimming in oil and water, and overcooked eggs.
All that for the privilege of paying 3k per head per day.



They do that when people pay cash instead of using a CC, or for tour groups.

The Formosa Taroko back in the days had a pretty good buffet and OK room rates during the week, but it changed to cater to Chinese tourists.

Yeah, I’ve noticed star ratings don’t seem to mean anything at all in Taiwan, and you’ll pay well over US$100 a night to avoid the congee-and-weird-bacon breakfast scenario. If I’m staying in a midrange place I usually just ignore the breakfast (cos it’s guaranteed to be vile) and eat outside.


cant remember if iv been there? why is it ceasing? general bad biz in taichung for prime hotels?

edit: nah never been there

It’s a really rough time for the tourist industry. This property though had apparently been underperforming for a while, well before the coronavirus shocks.



2007 was a bad year to open a hotel.

Just before the Ma era, when folks were dreaming of riches coming in from the PRC…



Silks Place? I had some amazing experiences there which definitely qualified as 5 star, but that was 10 years back or so.

news says the hotel experienced operating losses in the last 12 out of 13 years since opening.

it clearly is a management issue, rather than coronavirus or high rent.

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It also had a fantastic location. Management problem.

Virus was the nail in the coffin.

Before it changed names from Grand Formosa Taroko.