The Legacy of Prince Rainier III

Leader of a nation smaller than New York’s Central Park, Prince Ranier III has passed away. Formerly the longest-reigning monarch in Europe, that title now goes to Elizabeth II.

Although famous for marrying movie star Grace Kelly in 1956 and, thus, preventing her from making any more cool movies, Prince Rainier may be better known as the man for whom both Mount Rainier and Rainier Beer were named.

Prince Albert dela Cannes will take over from his deceased father. A special revision of Monte Carlo law has been done to ensure that an unmarried, childless man of 47 will still be able to pass the throne on to one of his siblings or their children. While there is some speculation among foreigners as to when Prince Albert will “come out of the closet”, most locals acknowledge that Monaco’s real-estate scarcity renders all such phrases meaningless as all Monaco residents reside within closets. Prince Albert has already taken on the heavy responsibilities of power.

Although tinier than West Berlin, during the height of the Cold War, Monte Carlo was the scene of many LeCarre-esque scenes of espionage derring-do, mostly focused around the baccarat tables where regular customer James Bond would lurk about looking for enemy agents to pump for information.

Under Prince Ranier, the principality entered into the United Nations and also developed cottage industries in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics areas. Gambling accounts for only 3% of the revenues.

The family weathered many scandals, including numerous out-of-wedlock children born to Princess Stephanie. In 1994, a biography of Grace Kelly claimed that Ranier’s neglect forced her to find happiness in the arms of many (lucky?) younger men.

Nice post MFGR. I must admit to still being a little confused as to why anyone today feels like state-sponsored hereditary nobility is a good idea. About all I’ve heard in favour is “Well it’s good for tourism.” Judging from the feedback from some of the commonwealth forumosans, I get the impression that royals are not universally loved in their home countries. Anyone NOT feel this way? (C’mon – someone must be willing to make the case for these poor aristocrats…)

I don’t think it matters when the “state” is smaller than Central Park and the only industries are gambling and tourism. Most people don’t care whatever silly things those little postage stamp countries do. In fact, the wackier and more archaic, the more “charm” it gives the postage stamps and thus boosts tourism. What would Monaco do with a legislature, anyway? Half the adult population would have seats in Parliament. It might actually be one of the few states small enough that a return to ancient Athenian direct democracy might be a viable option. Hang on - now that’s a cool idea! Why not?

I think it depends on what country. Britain’s Royal Family has always been very distant, formal, and aloof from its people. Some countries have a much more people-oriented royal families. In Norway, the young prince married a single-mom with a shady past and the nation was very accepting. In Thailand, the king is universally loved by all facets of society and in the70s, 80s, and early 90s always persuaded military and junta leaders to return to the path of democracy. I would say Thailand and Norway are good examples of countries that really benefit from having a monarchy.

Oh my God.

The pope snuffed off, Prince Rainer, and now the Prince of Hannover is deadly sick as well! He is married to princess Caroline, being a daugther of price Rainer.

Being from Hannover, I am shocked.

What is Hannover without its Pipi-Pruegel-Prinz? He gives some kind of world class to Hannover by beating up brothel owners in Africa, kicking the behind of female journalists of press conferences and using his umbrella as a truncheon.

Caroline always watches silently, adminiring his male capacity of making a perfect idiot of himself. Using the wall of the Turkish pavilion as a toilet on the Expo world [without US] exhibition in Hannover made him popular even in the muslim world.

His pancreas good him nailed down to a life-endangering sleep. Prince Ernst-August, bearing the name of last king of Hannover, do not leave us. Hannover needs you!

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Monaco also has some advantageous tax laws, rather lax residency requirements(actually living there is not required), and a very low crime rate.

bob honest – do you think the death of Saul Bellow is the final straw?

Goethe [Shakespeare], Einstein and the Pope are dead, and I am feeling sick as well.

EDIT: The snuffparade goes on. Now Harald Juhnke, actor and entertainer, one of the greatest drinkers of this planet, has finally died. He lived for years in a state of :stuck_out_tongue: weak mind in a clinic, believing he would only play a weak-minded drinker in a clinic. Reasoning with the nurses about when the scene will be cut…
Years before…Who can forget his classy appearance on the tv, drunk and dressed in a towel, with a young girl sitting on his lap (50 years younger than he), philosophisizing about the sense of life.

May your bottle be always filled in the great winery in heaven, snif.