The lighter side of office correspondence

Recently from a well-meaning colleague:

have some hot drinks, don’t drink cock too often, it is not good for health

“don’t drink cock too often”…hmmmm. Are you male or female? :laughing:


Now I am sure most men would actually try to convince the women the opposite…

On a similar note (about office communications, get your mind out of the gutter gang…)

My husbands company always is kind enough to inform the employees in advance of “power outrages”… :slight_smile:
Juba wrote about this exact same thing - I posted this befre and it was deleted. I think my post my have been misinterpreted, I should have cross refed. to the above thread.
Take a look for yourself - I wasn’t being naughty - :wink:

Mod. Please understand - don’t send me a yellow card :cry: [/quote]


You’re not making any :?: bloody :shock: sense.



You’re not making any bloody sense. ?[/quote]

Now you finally understand my style.

My previous post was deleted after I refered to Juba needing to take your co-workers advice. Ahh hummm - I didn’t want to be deleted again, so I wanted to be more vague and have people search for the info. themselves.

Yup, I often don’t make any sense, it’s part of my charm.:wink:

I have been mistaken for a female before, although only in cyberspace, but in no way do I resemble a Japanese Bukkake girl.

Now, see, I’m not making any bloody sense.