The List of Things You Can Rely On

Being ask by cab drivers if I’m American.

That guy who you think is gonna three lane drift, will.

And you are! Now that’s uncanny!


And you are! Now that’s uncanny!



People telling me that they don’t believe I’m American because I’m not fat and then refusing to believe that Americans are not all fat.

People telling me how well I am aging and then going on for about 20 minutes about how badly white people age and then being clueless to how insulting they are.

Getting hit/cut off/whatever by a scooter or other vehicles

people lying to you and being so subtle about it that it leaves you confused.

Bai Shiang Lu will quench the biggest thirst.

Forumosa will go down on me.

Being asked why I don’t have children.

You might want to rephrase that.

Killing a bunch of threads on Forumosa. Posting stuff on Forumosa that a lot of other Forumosans don’t agree with. Ending sentences with prepositions, even though I hate when I do it.

You might want to rephrase that.[/quote]

Forumosa being very slow… very s l o w…

Hinet being slow as well…

My coffee doing the trick in the morning.

Being sweaty-guy 10 months of the year in Taiwan.

Mer, you and me is a couple of positives.

I think you can still rely on the Thunderbirds being there for you.

Also, I love Manguo Bing Sha. I used to rely on that in the summer.

More recently I rely on Chinese products to help me. The Pro-Action tent helped me in Wales. Pro-frigging-action, baby.

I rely on you lot to fulfill my expectations. (Apart from TC and his buddies Wolf, Blueface, and the Sandman, you guys beat my expectations) I don’t think I understand Sandman very much. But he is friggin aces. Thanks for coming to that meal, sir. I wish I brought you some M+S stoooof.)

2001, daaa daaaa daaaaaa.

Sandman is super-cool. And he has got a nice camera. And his wife is also super-cool even though I didn’t talk to her much Again, last time I saw her. I am rubbish.

Deleted due to sheer idiocy.

Oop, sorry, am I stalking Tom-o? Blush, blush.

Double deleted due to double dumbosity.

) Finding your scooter bent and scrached after leaving it parked in a scooter parking space for too long.
2) Finding your scooter with someone elses garbage on top of it after leaving it parked for too long.
3) Finding your scooter with binlang streaked down the side of it after leaving it parked at the roadside for too long.
4) Being run over at a zebra crossing if crossing at an appropriate time.
5) Being told that your country, ‘America’ is better.

Getting complimented on my Chinese.
7-11 being just around the corner.
Always something to eat around, always.