The magic betel nut

Has anyone here on Forumosa ever tried 倒吊子 (dao-di-ow-dzih), the single betel nut seed that grows in the opposite direction of the rest on the tree. Several Taiwanese friends and students have said that this seed, which grows against the grain of others on a the tree, will knock you flat on your ass if chewed, rendering you “drunk and hallucinating” for no less than 3 days on end. Any reports on this nut?

Yep you can find them by the millions around taiwan…

take 5 at a time for beneficial affects… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But I heard that you cannot buy them at betel nut stands. Nobody I talked to seems to know what they do with these wild ass renegade betel nuts.

I once had a betelnut before departing a group of Taiwanese friends after drinking. Not my first betelnut by far but after I chewed this one my heart was beating so fast I decided not to leave right away.
I went back to my friends and explained my condition and they all started laughing and said I must have gotten the “king betelnut”.
No hallucinations but I seriousely thought I was going to have a heart attack.

As I understood it; you never know which one is the “king betelnut”.