The Marjorie Greene Thread

They’ve won the last three, thanks to a growing number of young voters. The ‘far left’ myth needs to evaporate.

It hasn’t since '04. I’d ask you to answer my question: What changes this?

Yawn. This critque is really so old, and the old pit the ‘far left’ and ‘globalist’ wing shpiel has been said like 1000 times on this site. Still hasn’t held true yet.

So, to my question: How does the GOP ever win a popular vote again with their current formula of dufus violence and yelling? That has NO appeal to most Americans.


Good response

Waiting for yours. How will the GOP win an election in their current state? You think this idiot yelling at reporters about Hunter Biden BS captures the popular vote for them?

You are SO nice.

Case in point. You think this stuff wins elections for them? Snide Parler level sarcasm and violence lost them 2020, go ahead and keep it up. The idiot far right Greene GQP crowd are a gift to Democrats.

I’m looking forward to Democrats regaining the lead in the race to the bottom once they fully implement Bernie-Leninism and The Green Leap Forward.


I would argue that Trump and other factors (Space Lasers!) may have played a role, but yawn

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Space lasers and the Parler Q Anon horse manure are one and the same entity.

BLM, just enough GOP voters turned off by stoopid and Covid ended them. The point is–and my question again:

What change could the GOP make to ever win an election again?

Are they though? They cranked up debt like craaaazy (even before this whole pandemic shit). They just didn’t like to give it to the everyday man. They rather give tax break to the rich.


I don’t understand your reply, but you don’t seem to want to answer my question. I’m gonna check out this game for while but I’ll be here.

That’s true too. They’re even stingier about giving their own money to people who aren’t even going to vote for them.

You mean you think the money in the U.S. Treasury belongs to the GOP party? Who’s money are you talking about? That’s OUR money we pay in taxes. Why do you not get this very basic idea?


The context is tax breaks.

You do understand this is not how a country works, right?

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I’ve tried and failed to understand Democratic logic that tax breaks equate to government handouts. How do you give people their own money?

I was answering in kind. Anyways, looks like you’ve found a more suitable conversation partner :slight_smile:


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The debt increase:

Jimmy Carter(1 term) 42%
Ronald Reagan (2 terms) 186%
George H.W.Bush (1 term) 54%
Bill Clinton 31%- (2 terms) 31%
George W. Bush- (2 terms) 105%
Barack Obama- (2 terms) 69%
Donald Trump- (1 term) 33%


To check the numbers in Cole’s tweet, we went to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which has an interactive database for these kinds of figures. Here’s what we found for each claim:

"(President Ronald) Reagan took the deficit from 70 billion to 175 billion." This is more or less accurate. The federal deficit went from about $78.9 billion at the beginning of Reagan’s presidency to $152.6 billion at the end of it. At points between 1983 and 1986, the deficit was actually more than $175 billion.

"(George H.W.) Bush 41 took it to 300 billion." Close, but not exactly. The number was around $255 billion at the end of Bush’s term. The deficit spiked at around $290.3 billion the year before he left office.

"(Bill) Clinton got it to zero." This is true. During his presidency, Clinton managed to zero out the deficit and end his term with a $128.2 billion surplus.

"(George W.) Bush 43 took it from 0 to 1.2 trillion." This is in the ballpark. Ignoring the fact that he actually started his presidency with a surplus, Bush left office in 2009 with a federal deficit of roughly $1.41 trillion.

"(Barack) Obama halved it to 600 billion." This is essentially accurate. Obama left the presidency with a deficit of approximately $584.6 billion, which is more than halving $1.41 trillion. The deficit was even lower in 2015 at around $441.9 billion.


More taxes equals more government spending. Period. Less taxes equals more money for R&D in companies and more more in joe sixpack’s pocket.

Trump’s tax break:

See that big boost after the Trump tax cuts? Me neither

In fact, more than 60% of the tax savings went to people in the top 20% of the income ladder, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. The measure also slashed the corporate tax rate by 40%.

Two pieces of standard Republican misinformation