The Masters ( Golf )

3 questions:

  1. Is there any doubt at all that Tiger is going to lap the field this year? Rory who? Oh that kid that missed the cut, yeah he’s ok :slight_smile:

  2. Can a 14 year old kid from China ( Tian Lang Guan ) who only hits the ball 250 yards really make the cut at the Masters?

  3. Are there any good bars or restaurants to watch the final round at? It’s always in the very early morning on Monday here, so of course we’ll have to avoid all news feeds for the day.

So it’s Sunday at the Masters (thanks covid19). No springtime visual glory here in November, alas. While still immaculate, Augusta looks a bit like that divorcee waking up in the morning. Bones are indeed excellent and no make up is still a fine look in the light of day.

Dustin Johnson up by 2 (he just finished 8 so Amen Corner coming up soon). Australia’s Cameron Smith is trailing, and S Korea’s Im Sung-Jae is 4 back. We’ll see how young Johnson holds up. My favorite hole in all of golf is Augusta’s 12th, especially on Sunday and especially watching the groups that matter fight off the choke and what is usually a bit of wind.

Bit of NFL this afternoon, then will likely mosey over to the Texas Chili Parlor for some beer, some grub, and hopefully some conversation this evening.

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12th hole is cut right front. If it were cut even two meters closer to the front then putts that miss would stand a good chance of ending up in Rae’s Creek, although greens are playing slower in November than in April. Anyway, the usual Sunday test.

Johnson mishit his tee shot on 12 but got lucky, and is about 7m left of the hole and just above it. Im’s tee shot climbed high enough to get futzed by the wind, and ended up in a bunker below Johnson’s shot, about hole high.

Smith has fallen to 3 back from Johnson. He’s blocked two shots in a row now, his hands just falling slightly too low in the downswing and cutting off a draw. Johnson and Smith seem a little nervous. Im may be, too, but cannot tell. Asian impassiveness.

eta: Johnson and Im are paired, and both got off 12 with pars.


I hear Tiger had a pretty solid 12th hole :flushed:

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Sure it’s schadenfreude, but I dearly love watching golf pros screw up on television. Especially love watching a pro skull a bunker shot over the green. :joy:

Augusta’s twelveth hole may be only a par 3, but it slopes back to front and Rae’s Creek runs below it ready to catch any balls that run or spin back to it. Among the trickiest par 3’s on the planet. Woods joined a long list of pros who’ve played themselves completely out of contention on Augusta’s 12th hole.

Right after the 10 on the 12th, he proceeds to birdie 5 out of the 6 remaining holes.

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Says a lot for where his head is these days. He’s played golf at very high levels since he was a child, and still has rarely stunk it up as bad at Augusta, on Sunday, and on national tv.

Nevertheless he manages to deny delivery of humiliation and self-doubt, and despite an aching back he finishes well. If you’re a fair-minded person you gotta tip your hat.

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