The more you give, the more you get

i had a dinner with my friends tonight. i like to hang out with friends sometimes, it is great… it always encourages me to think many things… do you? i thought " give and get" when i drave home…

“the more you give, the more you get” it is great… i have been thinking that i don’t really open my mind and give people for long time… it is kind bad… i should do that… the more i give, the more i get… just share with you.

Yep, it’s great being a good witch. You’re sure to get everything back ninefold, or at least threefold depending on what you believe in. :smiley:

Just last week, I gave out zongzi’s to my classmates. Then, for the next couple of days people kept giving me zongzi’s! Cool, this really works!
I’m gonna try it with money this week.

In my experience, what you give comes back, but in a way that is totally unrelated to how you gave…

What goes around does come around. :slight_smile:

Karma is real.

yep, it sure woks, it’s all about the principal of communication. If you outflow, you’ll inflow and the moer you do the more you are in communication with the world around you.

i don’t have zongzi…i am alone in taipei… i wanna one…do you guys taste that???