The Morgue 2019

He was the idol of my one of the Supernatural guys, Jensen Ackles, and his story of meeting him is so hillarious and makes one not feel so bad when fangirling.

One of my cousins also in his 50s recently had a stoke. He smokes a lot, and his doctor had warned him he was in danger of a stroke.

But 50 is too young to go.

My uncle had a series of massive strokes and has been confined to a hospital bed for the past 4 years. It’s awful. He always begs us to kill him when we visit. If you can not recover from the stroke, then dying is more merciful than living with it.

…and we moan about such trivia in our lives .:face_with_raised_eyebrow: RIP .


Another 80s tv icon gone

That guy was sad. Supposedly he was interviewed not long ago and professed he didn’t remember much at all about his career, or even his life.

Even 25 years ago he looked like he’d dropped a chromosome or two. RIP JM Vincent’s liver.

Uhhhhh…Apr. 12, 2017?

Time for a nap, Gramps??


Ha, I got Twitter rolled. :open_mouth:

Rest in peace Bibi Andersson, one of Bergman’s talented beauties

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Hey, it happens. Roger Moore died in 2017, and he died again a few weeks ago. There’s probably a song about that.

(Sorry about the paywall.)


Are you posting this from beyond the grave? :grin:


I am in the paradise where hairy beasts cross the other side. Lots of fashion models and ewoks here.

Yes…in a better place.

That’s really sad. He was just 51.

Totally sad. Left behind his parents and seven children and the film career.
Like Luke Perry, what’s with 50 year olds having strokes?

I’m gonna rewatch Boyz n the Hood tonight in his honor.


My uncle recently passed from a stroke at 65. Actually it was a series of strokes and over a few agonizing months. Still very upset about it. It was probably his heavy smoking habit. Take care of your health, everyone.