The Morgue 2019



Been a few days, but comedian Bob Einstein, best known as Super Dave



This one made me sad. Loved him on ‘Curb.’


Oreo the famous raccoon,



Nooooooo! Such a great actor! Loved him as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. And in the movie Big Fish!

Actor Albert Finney dies aged 82 -


Oh bullshit, I’ve never even seen that friggin dude.

Any fuckin ways, I still don’t know what a friggin “raccoob” is…



Albert Finney and Bruno Ganz died last week.

Karl Lagerfled just died.

May them rest in peace.


Peter Tork The Monkees


Great tv show. Watched it as a kid in 70s through syndication.


The prodigy lead singer is down


What the f***… no. :disappointed:


“I’m the bitch you hated / filth infatuated” :cry:


Keiths never last in rock 'n roll.



Damn, I feel old.


Depends on the Keith (I saw what you did there).

“I’ve never had a problem with drugs. I’ve had problems with the police.”
-Keith Richards


Reports seem to indicate his demons may have caught up with him, RIP.


Luke Perry. 52 years old.


First Prodigy, now 90210. Hey grim reaper, piss off and leave my 90s memories alone. But seriously, what a shitty 24 hours.


I remember living in Taiwan in early 90s.
Apartment had no cable, but on Sunday afternoon they broadcast original 90210.
Would watch it sometimes.
On 華視, if memory correct.