The most great American style hot dog

Where can I find the north American style hot dog in Taipei? I mean there are a lot of things you can chose yourself to put on the hot dog, not these 7-11 ones only bread and sausage?

Are you looking for a restaurant serving them, or the ingredients to make your own?

Hi, I m looking for the restaurants or vendors to serve it,
but if there is really no one in Taipei, pls give me the ingredients( and how to cook),
I want to know all these things which I could chose to add on the hot dog

We have a couple threads you should look at for restaurants:
Looking for a good hot dog place in Taipei
Gusto Street Hot Dog


(the Man wins again)

Hi, thanks guys, Ive search for pictures that hot dog meal in Cosco, they do have things I am talking about,
But it’s a shame that their hotdog is boiled but not barbecued as I had in Canada.
Seems I better do it myself :discodance:

I sense a weenie roast coming up.
Best corn dogs are at the Living Mall next to the entrance to the theater.

If I make hot dogs, I’m sure as heck not gonna do something as boring as “American style”. If you want me to create a Mexican-inspired recipe for you, let me know.

Imagine yourself as the horse. :flog:


Ha ha, where did you get that picture, it’s sure not American style hot dog, the tomato? it might be Mexican style, and oh, maybe chopping all of the ingredients and add a LOT of Salsa…

mm~~~~yummy :thumbsup:

am curioused: Whats about the horse :doh:

That’s a picture of a Chicago-style hot dog, perhaps the finest hot dog in the world. (The sport peppers and the neon relish are always a nice touch.)

He makes hot dogs from horse meat.

He makes hot dogs from horse meat.[/quote]

Ok Mímir, now you’re asking for it.


However, my friend fee gets this trophy: