The naming of things

I get asked for names quite a lot, mostly by students who are tired of being called David, Ivy etc. It’s a hell of a responsibility. I’ve never liked my name, and you have to find something that really fits the person.

After six months of deliberations I finally settled on Oblio for my pointless cat, but now I have another task. And this could be even more of a biggie.

The amazing zefrank very kindly created a dragon for me a while back. It’s at

What do you call something like this? It’s not just some random animal that happens to live with me. It’s a fairy tale creature created specially for me, and needs to be named accordingly. I can’t just call it the first thing that comes to mind, this thing could endure in cyberspace for centuries and I’ll be remembered only as the guy that named it Fluffy.

Any suggestions from the wordsmiths out there?

How about “Sampras” after Pete Sampras, you know the whole dragon-tennis connection thing there…
Notice how he has big girlie eyebrows and big fire-breathing nostrils ? So how about “Bassman” ?

If it were my dragon, I’d name him

[color=red]Håkan Göthlin[/color]


Drako. (like in that movie)

big wurm. big perm. (like in that other movie)

Obviously, “Stragon the Dragon”…or how about “Smokie”?

How about Puff as in Puff the Magic Dragon…Where’s Peter, Paul and Mary when you need em?`

There is another famous dragon…

TROGDOR!!! TROGDOR!! Burnination!

or since LOTR is so hip right now.


What a swishy little dragonette! How about calling it “Flagondry”?


Nogard (or “Noggie” for short)







Mr. Poofles? (I am no good at this…)

Or, considering the instigator, call it “Puffpuffpass”. :mrgreen:

Wouldn’t that be toke toke pass…

Or maybe Drag-on and on and on…