The narratives about narratives thread

Generalisations about Americans is another topic of discussion, isn’t it? What does it have to do with the use of the word narrative?

The word narrative is being used as a generalization to present whatever stereotype the OP wishes to convey. I copied my response to another thread that was going on at the same time but closed by the mod. It irks me when people also use generalizations to say their point of view is distinctly American, while others views aren’t. So I’m basically I’m agreeing with you that it is not conducive to constructive conversation, and I dont have high hopes for any thread with “narrative” in the title.

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I’m not sure why you keep inserting the word “indirect” into my argument.

What’s up with all the “what’s up with all the stuff” stuff? :thinking: :thinking:

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I think we’re missing each other’s point here. Or, at least, I am.

OK, I’ll try again. When people use the word “narrative” to describe coverage of an event or series of events, they are often talking about the story that people are telling about the event(s) as opposed to the actual truth of the event(s).

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Narrative means story, so that makes sense. I guess it gives more of a sense of an element-by-element progression than “story” does.

It’s a code word. I get it now. The “narrative about…” threads basically mean “I think it’s bullshit”.

We get it but in reality the media is a cacophony of different voices. So presenting a narrative is a gross over simplification with the intent of tailoring or manipulating the discussion one way or the other. If you somehow don’t agree with a coordinated narrative as truth, then condescension follows. There are other ways to have a discussion then starting on the basis that others must buy into a narrative being coordinated and pushed by George Soros, Tupac and Seth Rich or whoever the pick of the week is. Obama probably.

No. Narratives can be true. The point is it is focusing on a story, not the truth or newsworthiness.

For example, the press pushes a narrative that Trump is a lying sack of shit every chance they get. Of course, Trump is a lying sack of shit. So the narrative is true. A thread which focuses on the narrative around this is focusing on the story, how it is told, how it is framed, etc.


Obama definitely. We’ll be hearing about him for hundreds of years. You have no idea how important he is!

Obama shakes hands with alien

It’s a beautiful theory. In practice, as noted earlier, some people perceive a tendency for threads (on this site) with the word “narratives” in the title to be… not quite all that. The fact that they all (except this thread) come from one person might have something to do with it.

I shouldn’t have used the word “thread”…perhaps “discussion” would have been better. It becomes a circular logic, but it still seems accurate to me.