The narratives about narratives thread

What’s everyone’s take on this “narrative” stuff? It comes across as a bit pompous to me, but perhaps I’m overly sensitive. I don’t have a major issue with the use of the word, but I’d prefer posters to be more direct. What does it really mean? Is it I don’t like something but I’m scared to say it?


I was going to say something about opening threads all the time when there is no good reason to or there are already half a dozen threads on the same subject.


Has this come up before? Sorry, I honestly hadn’t noticed.

Mostly in the mod forum, but yeah, over posting, opening way to many threads, has been a topic of recent discussion in the mod forum.

It’s mostly @rowland who loves that “narrative” stuff. And we know how those threads usually go…

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This or that “narrative” is a very commonplace saying in the US media these days. It used to be “agenda.”

Politics aside, it’s become a tired cliche on this forum.

Well, that’s certainly one narrative. :laughing:


If you know the link to Maurice Micklewhite, I’ll buy you a pint.

It is a bit of a narrative.

News media in the US have, more and more, moved away from dispassionate reporting on events and towards crafting a specific narrative for news. Of course, news was never completely impartial or free from bias…it can never be. But much of the pretense regarding reporting has been completely shed.

I think use of the term is mostly very direct.


In my opinion the “narratives of this or that” are not genuine attempts at discussion. The only purpose I see from these threads is to troll, present one side of an argument and avoid any discussion to the contrary.

Following the discussion from another thread on this topic…

As an American born and raised, I do not agree with the OPs views nor do they represent me as an American. I will not flag or even block people for their views. But I am tired of far right ideals being presented as innately American values here.

As was mentioned earlier, if you want to bring up the 2nd Amendment go for it. But when all Americans do not agree with you don’t blame it on the opinions of non-Americans who don’t understand what it’s like to live in America. There are plenty of Americans on this board who understand what it’s like to live in America and simply do not agree with you.


I’m not buying into this. Because other people are being indirect that makes it OK? No, I’ll continue to be direct.

Do you want another side of the argument?

I’m not sure how you get to “[b]ecause other people are being indirect that makes it ok”. That’s quite obviously not my argument.

Both the “narrative” and “anti-narrative” people have their own agendas.


Narratives about narratives about narratives…

I will welcome all sides of the argument. Let’s just not attribute any argument or perspective as being inherently an American value. Or try to argue that if others disagree with us on this board its because they aren’t American.

All too often the argument here is made that Americans are by nature this way or that. We are not a monolith and have varying perspectives all across the spectrum.

I do not appreciate when others try to tell me that owning a plethora of guns, or federalism, or not trusting government, or opposing anything “socialist” are American as apple pie. They aren’t. We have always had different perspectives throughout our history. The Right wing does not speak for all of us.

I think we’re gonna need the narrative about narrative about narratives thread soon

Thaaaank you. :salute:

Your argument wasn’t obvious to me. I read your post as saying that the media is indirect, which in relation to this thread suggests a justification for obfuscation.