The narratives about Qanon thread

I think it’s worth giving Qanon a thread of it’s own

Yes, it is good to seperate those who live in reality and those who suffer from a mental disorder, I guess.

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Seems to me like Qanon is more of a threat than antifa.


Yep, I don’t see Antifa wackos getting elected to Congress. But looks like QAnon lunatics are:


Insane and dangerous.


How insane is it really? If Q’s position since 2016 election that there is an insurrection and reading out of an insurrection playbook is burning down stuff, things are going along according to plan in Q’s world.

But, once more, I asked this before “why can’t they figure out who Q is” I got the answer “because nobody cares” is that still the answer?

Q is a group who wants to make money off of merchandise

Well, there maybe people who do that, But Q seems to be a LARP from the chans, so, again I put it to you, how come they don’t know who is posting?

Because it’s not just one person now. Like anonymous, it’s been taken over by others

Who? How do you know it’s been taken over and who was it overtaken from?

We’ll never know who started posting and if it was just one person. Many will claim they’re the first.

It seems obvious to me that it’s not one person.

The theory I believe most is that it’s Russia. The videos they share show there’s money behind it. It’s not some guy on his computer. It’s an organized group with a political agenda.


One answer.


Ok, fair enough, I would normally put Russia conspiracy theories in the bin, but this is the chans and is likely the right answer as anything.

The answer for those wondering why I keep asking why they don’t know who is posting, is because that is a really hard trick to pull off.

Good background about those not grounded in reality


I don’t really know what this is, but I won’t as always look at MSM or the swamp left to find out.

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I’ve seen a lot of antifa violence. I haven’t seen any Qanon violence.