The narratives about Trump thread.


Special feeling = aids? I agree.


Get in there Mr Milker!


i just spilled my coffee laughing so much…


That photo just screams “bukkake.” Uh-oh, I just made a mess…


Maybe not made a fuss over that natural gas?


As a lactation consultant, could you please share your professional opinion with this esteemed forum?


the deeper the valley, the drier the river?


Oh, you’re serious? :roll: Okay, the “for Dummies” version:

Barry’s true motivation was supposed to be converting the US to Islam, or something. He did literally bow to a Muslim king, but he also did things that were not so helpful to US-Middle East relations. But he had to. You see, if he had just come out and said, “yes it’s true, my Hawaiian birth certificate is fake, now let’s all face Mecca,” that would have been letting the cat out of the bag.

Donnie also has his cat-in-the-bag conundrum.

Clear enough?

Now let’s stop :cow::poop:ing and return to the great sophistication of discourse for which this forum is known. :unicorn:


Sorry, I never mix business and pleasure.


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dude, what if the guy was allergic to electricity? he could have dieded. Trump is literally causing this. Impeach now.


More Fake News. Sad.


This is an outrage. Invade Germany now!



Hmmm, Hypocrisy in action . Seems to be very one-sided reporting on the visit. Laughable collection of a pretty small gathering at the blimp,reported by the BBC as “thousands”. Using Trump inauguration counting methods they MSM were so critical of.? Even the march was not huge…and the counter demonstrators hardly covered. Anyway , my opinion.


The bias is a bit ridiculous now. CNN, blatantly caught" creating and directing" a demonstration to report…is that true YYY. I do not think it’s possible? Surely not ? Must check to see if true .
Also Protestors stopped from flying a Peppa Pig ballon with Khan’s face on it . Trump ballon ok …Peppa pig not ok . Is that a true story YYY. If they are false …fine . If they are true do you agree that it is justified?


It would just play into the hands of their critics, so there’s no way they would do that.


Cnn staging or directing a demonstration…that’s outrageous, it could never happen!


Perfectly posed to drop a deuce on another bunch of idiots.

Me, I’m watching for pigs on the wing.