The narratives about Trump thread.


Not necessarily.

But having counter-protested an anti-ACA and a tea party rally then having to run for my dear life, for doing effectively what Milo does, only for sake of good, I have no sympathy for Milo or anyone on the far-right, or whatever who purposely puts themselves in the line of fire.


Perception is everything, to many on the left anyone on the right is the far right, and you are saying if they would like to speak this “effectively” the same as turning up to another persons rally and counter protesting and therefore they are putting themselves in the line of fire.

At this point JB, we will agree to disagree. Good day to you.

edit/Although on reflection it might be what you are saying is that Universities have become such places of liberal indoctrination, that the very presence of a right wing speaker can be perceived to be a counter protest. Is this what you are alluding to?


Paging Mr. Godwin…


If you deny him a platform that was never rightfully yours to deny him in the first place, that’s denying speech.

YOU DO NOT OWN THE PLATFORM. It is not yours by right to grant or withhold. It is the taxpayer’s platform. Give it back, or else you are a thief.


If by “liberal indoctrination” you mean feminism, immigration, globalization, egalitarianism, science, facts, multiculturalism then 100% happily and unapologetically, guilty as charged. We had rightwing speakers come the the university. Haig, Rumsfeld, Dole, Gingrich, Goldwater, Buchanan were some that I remember. Protests, sure. Even some liberal speakers like Jesse Jackson, Bob Gebhardt earned some protesters. With the exception of Buchanan and maybe Jackson, none of them were as polarizing as Milo, et al are. And in a way Milo et al would be a protest against what they -wrongfully, IMO- perceive of the evils of modern society.

UC Berkeley is a liberal school, and they quite famously wear that on their sleeves, so to speak.


What is your feelings on the NFL player’s protests?


The NFL players would do well to remember that the fans pay for their lavish lifestyles. Without fans, they’re nothing.


Actually it is the owners and their endorsements who pay for those lavish lifestyles.

The NFL has been in decline for the past couple of seasons, before this all started. Remember, correlation isn’t causation.

My point is, you would be in support of them?


Very interesting, and a well deserved upvote for honesty. It’s about 4am and after a few egg noggs, I will reserve my reply for the morning.


I am still waiting for the red wine to kick in. Insomnia is a bitch. I might have to resort to stronger methods. I wish pot was legal here.


Chu Yeh Ching or kaoliang, I don’t suggest going there, Ive been doing some online tests for color blindness recently. Just saying.


Thanks for the heads up. I have not indulged in the local libations. Cheers, mate.


Is that what covfefists think about slogans in general? I can think of an one that basically means God first but has a nasty association with a different context, if you know what I mean.


How many generations do they need to keep at it before Rowland says they do own the platform and it doesn’t matter if the theft was right or wrong because it’s history? (You know, like what you said about the native Americans.)


Of course, the owners owe the fans nothing at all. :whistle:


Heinlein famously said that gratitude is an unnatural emotion. It’s certainly not something you can take for granted… because everything else gets taken for granted eventually.

Human nature is to feel entitled to whatever we’ve gotten used to. Those who think freedom is free risk having theirs repossessed.

The thing about reciprocation is it cuts both ways.

Oh, and…


So your point is… Donnie won the election ergo he deserves supreme authority over all entities that receive any kind of tax funding? I thought you were an anti-monarchist. :idunno:


You’re confusing cause and effect: he won the election because he already has authority over everything in existence, ever.


Okay, that does it. @discobot QUOTE!


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