The narratives about Trump thread.


I thought the idea was that after one full year, he can take credit for everything.

On a related note though, CBC’s analysis before the speech was even done was all about how the ups and downs of the US economy in recent years (including current unemployment etc.) are almost exactly paralleled by those of the Canadian economy.


To be fair. Most people if given a million dollars would be broke in a year. Although not everyone has the opportunity to get a “small” loan of a million dollars from his dad. Most people would just be broke in a year.


Even if it were just $1m, that would be a lot more adjusted for inflation. But apparently it wasn’t $1m.

Would you be broke in a year? Are you as smart as most people?

If you experience bankruptcy once in your 20’s, is that better or worse than experiencing it multiple times in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s?

USA and gun control

This guy can do whatever he wants, apparently. Even circumventing the constitution and his oath of office.

This economy just seems too perfect. It feels artificial. Like its done with smoke and mirrors. I am picturing a conference call where this guy, who hates to lose and look bad, is pleading with CEOs to give him some good numbers and he will give them the tax break. Even the bonuses, as short lived as they were, do not amount to much. Now, if they are handed out monthly, or quarterly, then maybe my tune will change. Even wages will slow down, and if Q4 numbers are a yardstick, then they already have. Hiring will probably follow. We will see as January’s numbers are released.

What about trade deficits? Remember when he was all about putting the hugest tariffs on China? What happened to that? I remember when he was talking tough and even trying to ask Taiwan to dance. After he kissed Xi’s ring, that talk just kind of quietly went away and he refocused his rage on NATO and the EU. And immigrants, Muslims, media bias, Obama, and Clinton.


Careful. He likes to sue people.


Oprah will protect me. :sunglasses:


Trump is indeed a sleazy businessman with lots of failures in his past. What worries me is even a complete idiot is liable to learn a thing or two about how businesses actually work compared with the typical president with zero real world business experience. And, as we all know, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Fun fact: you can find a similar list for all years obbo was in charge! Looks like playing around the constitution is a tradition of PotUS, so it’s our responsability…no, it’s our moral duty to allow Donald Trump to use the same progressive instruments used by his enlightened predecessor.


As we all know. :joy:

Ahhhhh, breathing in the salty tears of someone who wants more than anything for Trump to fail and the US to be a disaster and has nothing but hate in his heart, ahhhhh.


You say that as if I never called Obama out on that.

I do love #10, the constitutional rights of corporations, versus the citizen. Ah, I get it. Since corporations are viewed as citizens (even the foreign ones!) then rights only go to the highest bidder? I must have overlooked that constitutional clause.


What tears? At least I do not take credit for things I did not do, or had no hand in. The official numbers do not lie. The economy and the Dow were on an uptick and unemployment was going down, since Obama’s first term. Wages have been rising since the Obama years, as well. The Dow would have hit 20k with or without 45. While still an increase, job growth actually slowed in the past 12 months and wages took a sharp dip in Q4, 2017.

Eliminate chain immigration. Does that mean he cannot marry any more Eastern European brides? I guess he still has pornstars.
And speaking of immigration. Gabe Parker, Stephen Paddock, the Turpins, Farook, Holmes, Lanza. I guess it is better to have that homegrown criminality!

You are right, I want him to fail. I want him to fail like only he can, in the biggest way. As for my country, well, my country has faced worse and came out stronger. The last time the alt right in America got all uppity, a liberal president -along with a shy general, and one whose MO was scorched earth, put them firmly back into their place. My only problem with defeating the traitors, was that the country helped them rebuild. We should have done to them what the Soviets did to the East Germans, let them smolder in the ruins of their own defeat and shame.
Its America, babe. We defeat fascists and fascism. Always have, always will. And there is no “good and bad on both sides.”


Ha, you are the fascist. The hateful the resentful, the hate filled Nazi that you call everyone, that is you.


As red-sweater guy once said, why don’t each of you say one good thing about the other?


why can’t everyone give (green) peas a chance


Did you catch my ABC analogy?


When 60 Minutes asked Ahmadinejad if he could think of anything nice to say about W, the answer was I don’t know, but maybe he’s a good parent.


When I was young, I gave people the benefit of the doubt, because I’d been told that was the good thing to do. After enough betrayals and disappointments, you wise up.

The flip side of that is when people say nice things only to butter me up.

If you have to say someone’s a good person, he probably isn’t. Either that, or you’re not. Or both.


Daily Rowlandism: if you have to say the Donald is a good person, he probably isn’t, or you’re not, or both. :slight_smile:


Good people are overrated anyway.

I once fell in with a bunch of nice people. Gawd, they sucked.

Nice people say nice things. Competent people make good things happen.


So if you have to say the Donald is competent, does that change things? :ponder: