The narratives about Trump thread.


Unemployment rate during 44 reached 10%, did he take the blame for that or was it bush/housing crash/the white patriarchy’s/anyone else’s fault because he could do no wrong?


He could even walk on 5th Avenue with his penis hanging out, no one would care!


Looked like somebody put a railroad spike in Pelosi’s chair for her to sit on. Ouch.

Democrats are comprehensively clueless. Trump’s speech was all about unconditional optimism for the US. Only Reagan did it better. And while he’s pulling this magic trick off, the Democrats allow themselves to be photographed looking like somebody just split a durian open in the room.

I think Trump did well for the GOP’s chances this November, and I don’t think the Democrats have a clue about it yet.


But the CNN says it was the worst SOTU speech ever…


If Trump keeps this MAGA shit up he may put me out of business and I may have no choice but to move back to the U.S. and open a business there. Fuck. Not good. Not good . . .


As we all know, the economy in the first year of a new presidents term still belongs to his predecessor. But, failing that yes, it is true that in the final quarter of Obama’s first term the US unemployment rate peaked at 10%. It is also noted that he inherited a failing economy and rising unemployment.

Let’s turn a negative into a positive! Beginning in Obama’s first 12 months, the unemployment rate began to fall and that downward trend continues to this day. It will probably bottom out at ~3-4%, at which point the economy could overheat and begin to fail. And then it is back to blaming Obama, immigrants, media bias, minorities, Muslims, again. Everyone wins!


“As we all know”, the stock market skyrocketed the moment Trump won. “As we all know”, the economical benefits of his tax reform showed up immediately (especially in the form of substantial bonuses).

That’s a nice couple of well timed benefits to the economy from obbo, really makes you think.



This right here is what politics is all about. And they know it. The Donald triggered them so badly that they forgot.

An otherwise intelligent politician famously said “you can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own facts.” He was dead wrong about this, as Internet debates amply demonstrate. And this is one reason why, as Scott Adams says, “facts” don’t matter. Because we can’t even be sure they’re facts anymore.

But The Donald knows what matters. The Dems used to know, but they forgot.

Optics, optics, optics.

That Kennedy they dredged up looks like a cross between Richie Cunningham and Barney Stinson. He talks like an animatronic robot. That dynasty is so sixties. You can try to live in the past, but Camelot ain’t coming back.

(They’re blatantly trying to groom him for succession to the throne. He’s a male Chelsea Clinton - a high born mediocrity.)

Now Maxine Waters would have been entertaining.


The Dow is only a segment of the economy. We have mentioned unemployment, the GDP, and interest rates -which will rise to attempt to keep inflation in-check. Nothing cools an economy faster than rising interest rates and inflation. Well, except for a burst bubble.

Also, $1000 is substantial? About 20 years ago, that would have been substantial. I received higher bonuses, in real dollars, under Bush and Obama. If I was working in the US and got this handout from a multi-billion dollar multinational, I would be miffed. The irony is that those bonuses will be taxed at a higher rate than the million dollar bonuses their bosses gave themselves! Yeah!


Well, we do live in the post-truth, alternative fact universe, so says Kellyanne Conway.


salary =/= bonus


Wall Street clearly took off when Trump won the election.

I think the cliche is that electing Trump unleashed the ‘animal spirits’ of equity investors. Whatever you want to call it, Obama didn’t have it. Trump clearly does, so far anyway.

So far inflation is well in check, although bond yields are up (equities market was down yesterday as a result of selling stocks to get into bonds).


What worries me about Trump is he’s the first president in living memory who’s actually run a company and held real jobs. No telling what that’s going to lead to.


Stocks are heading down very recently. It’s partly a bubble, and all emotion. Might be a good time to buy if you believe in timing the market (I don’t.)

But things are looking up on more concrete measures. That gives certain elected representatives a sad for some reason.


goodnight and tight dreams <3


I can’t even go there, Democrats and Pelosi, wtf is overwhelming. Kryptonite + kinetic weapon for GOP, every election since 2010.

After Labor Day will be epic if you’re stuck in front of a TV in the US.


Speaking of the coming midterms:


“Get a real job” usually means become an employee and work your way up the ladder, not go and invest your father’s millions of dollars in real estate. Has he ever been an employee in his life?

I think even you, Comrade Smithbureau, would agree that one man’s “real” is another man’s fantasy. :unicorn: :rainbow: :fairy: :santa: :slight_smile:


C’mon, man, no Gwen Stefani “music” in the Trump thread, OK? We like to keep things clean around here.


Two can play at that game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Three free unicorns to anyone who can find the shot of Ryan leaning his head to the side like he’s about to go to sleep! (He sat up after 5 or 10 seconds.)


I missed the Stormy Waters interview last night. This is my consolation. :slight_smile: