The narratives about Trump thread.


Plus you replaced a black guy with a white guy (is that Jordan Peterson? sp)!

Pretty sure the resistance! won’t have happy things to say about Ibis.


The new Barry line by Tommy Bahama:


The resistance would call me a KKK Nazi Fascist no matter what, so since there’s no way to influence the outcome I might as well have fun on my way to the gulags.


Ahem. I actually like Tommy Bahama. :grimacing:


Oh we’re all headed to the gulags. I’ll try to bring some beer.


They only have beer popsicles in Siberia. Not half bad actually…


Will there be any hot Siberian refugee grl?


Hey, nobody’s perfect…and I’m sure you have lots of other redeeming qualities.


I guess that depends on your definition of hot.



Nothing binary about the gulag, man. Hot Siberian grls will be free to have dangle if they so desire.


I used to have the opposite problem.


I cant tell which painting is the worst, obummo’s or his husband’s, but regardless of that Reddit and 4chan have become an instant goldmine of parodies of those.

Current year ain’t so bad.


Those words will come to haunt you! :smiling_imp:


I do think the portrait captures the true essence of the man. Our former Golfer in Chief appears lost in the weeds.


Speaking of art…

Here’s the narrative:

Indeed, the Art of the Deal President’s scribble is as fascinating as he is. Symmetrical and with the spikiness of an EKG readout, it has the same aggressive rigidity of one of Trump’s bizarre handshakes. It’s not outrageous to suggest the signature is the most aesthetic thing about a billionaire who might not know a Monet from the Mona Lisa and who was once described as a “short-fingered vulgarian” in the pages of Spy magazine in the 1980s.



Ah the anarchist! I can relate to that, I almost grew up in the Islington Punk squats!

Yeah, McStain and the rest of them, are not Anarchists, the very opposite. You like Condoleezza rice and Obama, because why? How does this fit your Anarchist agenda, curious minds are wondering.


You seem to have a thing for mediocrities and charlatans.


After all that time and energy we spent on The Memo, there’s hardly a peep here about the latest Russia stuff.


I’m still watching the “Russia Russia Russia” movie and noticed this development. The reporting on it has been horrendous. From both sides, those with Trump derangement syndrome are focusing only on how it relates to Trump (omitting facts like this group also supported an anti Trump rally after he won the Presidency) while the other side is playing it down as a nothing burger.

Ultimately, IMO you would spend less time making your mind up regarding the Muller indictment and it’s significance by reading his actual indictment than trying to figure out who is accurately reporting on the issue, so I include the link to Muller’s indictment below.


This is killing me. It used to be very convenient to go to a news site and read their summary of a, b, c. It was that way for decades.

That is no longer possible since every news organization is now partisan. Seems every news organization is openly, glaringly biased. The closest to a non-partisan news aggregator for government and politics is the WSJ. Unfortunately their first priority is to be a finance newspaper, so there’s not much depth.

Now taking lots more time to stay caught up on the news, at least for me. Sigh.