The narratives about Trump thread.


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Here we go…


Something that approaches common sense from these buffoons is always special. It’s too bad their constant stream of lies and incompetence regarding one thing and all outweigh it so strongly.


This story is getting bigger certainly.


Is that an other party making bigger for the next election?


trump has truly been a blessing. too many illegals running rampant in california and elsewhere. economy soaring. zero evidence of russian collusion.

build that wall!



I hope she ends up selling the house for way below asking price. :grin:


So sue her, whats the difference between bakery who doesn’t bake a cake for gay wedding?

If she is stupid enough to state the reason for not selling, then she is as stupid as a bakery who wouldn’t bake a generic product on the basis of prejudice.


I’d show up with a Dems pin on the jacket, along with my black gay husband (some friend to which I give 20$ and a beer for the job), buy the house at a discounted price then build a fucking 5m tall wall with a God Emperor statue on top of it, with him sitting on a throne made of assault weapons and surrounded by a swarm of bald eagles.


The courts are not above double standards.

But publicize the suit, and it will be tried in the court of public opinion. Which may never quite render a final verdict, but the trials are great fun.


Nice. I think the Magnificent one should have a smartphone in one hand and with the other be lifting the top off an old-style television set. …maybe I should make my own statue.


May as well be Russia. Well, when you elect an egotistical lunatic to be president, this is what you get. It’s a good thing his amazing administration is there to reel him in.


The alt left blames everything on Russia just as the alt right blames everything on the Jews. It’s quite funny how each side picked a culprit that makes no sense and sees it hiding in the shadow behind everything.


Trump may have exaggerated about The Washington Post, but not by much. I read the paper daily and comment often there.

That once great newspaper has become little more than a party media organ for the Democrats. No hesitation on their part to speculate wildly on what is happening in the White House. Their news items are often catty, flippant, and unfair. News stories often speculate on how the news in question fits into a partisan narrative. Editorial page is all in against Trump.

Good grief, man, go to the front page (digital), take a look at the headlines. You won’t find a single good thing about President Trump or anyone in his administration there.

Example. Front page, top left: “With White House stabilizers gone, Trump calls his own shots”

First sentence under the headline-

As he shakes up his administration, the president is prioritizing personal chemistry above all else, replacing aides who have tended toward caution and consensus with figures far more likely to encourage his more rash instincts.

Above all else? Even national security?! They can’t know that because they don’t have anybody to talk to in the WH. Phrases like “prioritizing personal chemistry above all else” are wildly speculative. Judging his instincts as “rash” is just that, a judgment by WaPo.

Whole newspaper is like that. When Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus left, WaPo lost access to Trump’s inner circle; they were far and away the biggest leakers. Javanka have been sidelined, and Kushner was the only other leaker from his inner circle. Trump leaks, sure, but he didn’t leak that to WaPo.

Maybe not a lobbyist, but it’s little more than a partisan shill for the Democrat party.


I mean, there is the rub. If it’s not a lobbyist, don’t make menacing comments that it needs to register as a lobbyist. Call it a partisan shill for the Dems and I have no comment.


It’s an exasperated threat by Trump, no doubt. I agree he’s wrong on the facts … but still, there is truth there, too.


Semantics, whats the difference between a lobbyist and a partisan shrill for the Dems?


Isn’t that the main idea the campaign was based on – Donnie will “drain the swamp” of its pro-status quo swamp fiends and run the country like he runs his business – but phrased in such a way that it sounds negative?

Trump Wapo may have exaggerated about The Washington Post Trump, but not by much.