The narratives about Trump thread.


GOOD. I have never had a Facebook account because it’s well known what they do with peoples data.

Obama mined the entire database during his election, letters from Podesta suggest the Hillary clinton campaign was allowed to do the same.

Just to be clear, in case of confusion, I’m not commenting on the use of mining data by either party except to say, we all know and have known for years. I would be more in agreement with what Assange said.


Facebook is spawn of the devil. I don’t use it - never have used it - and I don’t recommend using it.


So, the spawn of the Devil (as you say) can’t even redeem itself by getting your favorite candidate elected? :ponder:


Nope (and I have no idea who you think my favorite candidate is).


Facebook, Google and Twitter are all solidly left leaning, even if Zuckerberg couldn’t resist selling data to Cambridge Analytica, they do that and more for free for the Democrats.

Again, you’re selective outrage is interesting.

I have the Podesta emails, where Facebook promises to team up with Hillary if you want to see them too?


I’m not defending anyone (except Discobot), just trying to see where different people draw their lines and why.

Let’s suppose Barry’s two victories and Donnie’s one victory (so far) were all caused by breach-of-trust activities by facebook. :smiling_imp: Now let’s imagine that facebook’s evil ways were exposed years ago so that people could avoid these psychological tricks. :rainbow: :unicorn:

In this parallel universe, Johnny won in 2008, Mitt won in 2012, and… Hillary won in 2016. :eek: Unless things turned out so differently under Johnny and/or Mitt that the campaigns were drastically different. For example, if J won in both 2008 and 2012, perhaps Barry won in 2016 and 2020.

Would that work out better? :ponder: (Non-rhetorical question.)




It’s interesting that you are now considering the implications of Facebook, Twitter and Google trying to sway elections. I’ll wait for you to consider the implications of heads of the IRS/DOJ/FBI/CIA targeting political opponents and teaming up with a complicit MSM as well as othr foreign intelligence to get the political candidate they want into power.

But for now, just on the Topic of Facebook, Twitter and Google, there’s this for your viewing pleasure.

For the record, I am against this sharing of peoples data, I am hoping for laws that increase consumer protections in this regard.


Center right, surely? Neoliberal pronoun savvy woke quinoa chompers, yes. But not left leaning in any shape or form.


Dunno if this is legit, but the truthiness is undeniable.

Facebook is evil, but not uniquely so. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for people to be dumb fucks.

I only ever used Facebook to communicate with others who insisted on using the damn thing. Even then, I didn’t put in more personal info than necessary.

Now that’s it’s dying, my only reason ever to have an account is dying. It was a self-reinforcing bubble, and now it’s imploding.


Now we all know what it takes for libs to pretend to care about our privacy.


I hope sounding like Rowland is just a momentary coincidence. I mean I love Rollo, but two of him at the same time? :noway: That would be tedious.


I just hope you don’t eat his head afterwards… :grin:


I’m just curious with your new found love for privacy. When for myself, I can say privacy, censorship and free speech has something i have always advocated strongly for.

doesn’t matter the party, or go back and look at my posting history I have frequently posted links to EFF, who I imagine dont like Donald Trump all that much either.

Yet, here we are and Cambridge Analytica and their efforts to data mine to help the Trump team have you in a tizzy. Perhaps you could link me to anything you posted in the past that would show a concern for this.

Or, is this another no comment is your default stance?


I don’t mind if EFF is reluctant to embrace Trump, but to the extent they defend the mainstream media, they lose credibility with me.

Anyway, they don’t seem to have gone full retard just yet.


One simple inquiry about how people feel about an issue constitutes a tizzy? I guess that’s some kind of British slang. :idunno:

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


There is nothing simple when I have been raising as much awareness about privacy, free speech and Censorship.

Then out of the blue, Donald trump and Cambridge Analytica are a problem to you? really?

Do you know why 4chan and a sizable number at Reddit were so opposed to a Clinton Presidency? Or why Julian Assange and people like Kim Dotcom fired their base against Clinton?


Ouch. I knew DB was almighty, but it looks like I didn’t appreciate the full implications of that. DB must have noticed that I’m a Black Mirror fan, I’m afraid of the Donald’s death squads because I’m also an Alec Baldwin fan, I’m an Uberskeptic, I’m concerned about the Robot Revolution (Discobot also allows evil robots to exist), and once in a while I remind people that everything they post here is public. And that’s just the stuff that’s obvious from my posts.

I suppose you may have thought I was sending mixed signals when I finally added my headshot as my avatar and admitted to being a member of the Rigellian Resistance. Yet for all you know, that could be a ruse… :male_detective:

Fwiw there are 16 results when you search for “privacy” among my posts. On the one hand some of those may just be bits quoted from the posts of others, and on the other hand it’s possible to talk about privacy without mentioning the word itself (e.g. encouraging people to watch BM).

Yet suddenly it’s trendy again to hate fb (remember the first time?), and it’s also trendy to hate trendy people, so the fact that I’m talking about something trendy must mean I’m a trendy person who supported fb and Hillary all along and is plotting with Chewdawg to take over the world. :roll:

When you can show me all my posts endorsing fb (and Hillary) or sharing my hypothetical fb page, then maybe I’ll be convinced.


Can you recommend another email client?