The neighbours x%&* dog

The community we live in is full of anti-social dogs frustrated by the fact that I walk and play with ours 4 times a day. Many get loose from time to time and I have befriended some with a hello and later a meat treat. One has become great exercise for Buster as he runs circles around him when playing in turn helping Buster get exercise that I am some times too tired to give.

But there is one dog which is very territorial that I worry about. It’s a small/medium sized dog which is mostly full of bluster. He likes to charge and sneak up from behind unannounced which annoys the hell out of me but leaves Buster rather unaffected. The dogs owner despite voicing my displeasure doesn’t give a shit.

I’m not so concerned about myself (or Buster) as the dog runs away with his tail between his legs when I tell it to x%&* off (only to return later). I worry that since now my daughter is running with the dog more she might get nipped and I am not sure how (strongly) I would react. So I would rather avoid the confrontation.

In Canada I would call the police or animal control - here I think they are too busy rounding up scooters and illegal foreign labourers.

I could avoid the house entirely when with my daughter but it’s on the way to the prime poop and play area and the dog is out infrequently.

It was suggested I try a spray that contained a harmless but repugnant liquid (citronella?). But I don’t want to incense the dog.

Making friends with the dog may not be possible or safe.

Any other ideas?

Catch and eat … ? :slight_smile:

No idea … friends of mine had this poodle that’s sneaking up behind me all the time and nipping my legs … I was really trying to avoid the ‘beast’ as hell … luckily it only did so when leaving the house, never found out why it had this odd behavior …


it could easily be mistaken for a football. seeing as the owner seems to pay little heed to the world outside his/her head, i am sure the owner would not object if you inflated it (via the belly button) and played with it for a while. practice punt kicks, for example.

anoying little dogs like that give me the shits too.

burning the dog as incense sonds like a good idea too. not the best smell, but then people have varying tastes.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]Supersoaker?[/quote]I think that might work. Many dogs will not appreciate getting sprayed with water. If you are consistent and spray the dog every time, good chances are he will leave you alone after a while. If the dog loves water as much as Buster does, though, you’re going to need something else. One time Buster was not leaving me alone when I was washing my scooter, so I sprayed him with the garden hose. I’m pretty sure it made matters worse. He loved it. Most labs love water.

But yeah, I think DB’s idea might be your ticket.

yeah, their ideas are better than mine. unless you’re a sadistic bastard. and don’t go tying firecrackers to its tail, either. that’s right out of order.

Spray the offending dog with a miture of vinegar and water. Many dogs hate vinegar, but it will not harm the pooch. A supersoaker will probably be a bit awkward… a small spray bottle will work well, provided the dog gets near enough to you.

I used to carry a small squirt gun with this mixture in it when I rode a bike in Taiwan. Lots of strays would chase bicycles and it was quite frightening. It worked well.