The Nerd Test, ver 2.0

The Nerd Test, ver 2.0

I am not a nerd…as if ya didn’t know that already.

I scored Cool High Nerd - Is that good?

Ditto for me :sunglasses:

It says I’m cool.

cool nerd king…

and I didn’t even score that high on science/maths, etc.

“Uber” cool high nerd. I’m not sure I should be happy or not.

Exciting! :slight_smile:

If everybody’s cool, that means nobody is.

I don’t think we have to worry about that.

a little extra effort (bullshitting) got me this rating. actually, not much extra effort needed, but i had to lie about my comic collection.

but when i went back and did it straight, i got htis:

The ratings must be a bit biased, tho, 'cause a non-nerd just wouldn’t be interested in taking it.

And the fact that you took the test more than once should count for something.

Hail to the King baby: If you got that quote +1 nerd for you! says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

I hide my shame.

If you can’t get the quote right, then -1.732
That’s the atomic weight of Einseinium divided by the amount of wasted space in the frontal lobe of your brain in cubic centimeters.

A nerd wouldn’t try to post HTML on a phpBB site and fail. A nerd would make it work like this:

That’s chicken’s results, not mine.

I stopped after the second question because the test is boring.

My response was better. And faster by 1.374 minutes.

Pfft. I’ve got a non-human Sci-fi character for my username. You are all like so less nerd than me.

I’m with Sandman.

I’m with Sandman.[/quote]
In a non-carnal sense, obviously.

Once a nerd, always a nerd.
Nerds, as so-called, are merely something that is not an obviously jockitchingly vapid repetition of the self-vaunted uber-kultur of the non-sentient segment of a certain clique, or segment of society. Whether on a large or small scale.
Being an army brat shunted around from pillar to post and then some;
I 've always been a nerd, as it’s meant:
Letting The Freak Flag Fly!
As it should!

Sci/Math: 50%
Technology/Computer: 10%
Sci Fi/Comics: 59%
History/ Literature: 98%
Dumb/Dork/Awkward: 91%
Mega-Dorky History-Lit Geek

I’ll wear it proudly…