The New Acer Aspire One

Anyone have this?

It’s super small and super cheap: 16800 nt

Web and Office capability. XP Home. 120 GB. 5 hours battery life. Wireless.

In the US, it’s 12,000 nt or so. We’ve gotta pay an extra 4000 nt. GRRRR

No, we don’t.
Look on Yahoo! Auctions.
It’s much cheaper on there.

I’d rather have this … 0W&ROWNO=1
It’s cheaper, has a bigger screen and an Express Card slot, although it “only” has an 80GB hard drive at that price, but I could live with that. I guess it doesn’t come with a six cell battery as standard, but neither does most of these things, as there still seem to be a shortage of laptop batteries, so…

Geez…there are so many of these sexy mini-lappys coming out now.
Maybe it’s almost time to start thinking about getting one.

[quote=“Josefus”]Geez…there are so many of these sexy mini-lappys coming out now.
Maybe it’s almost time to start thinking about getting one.[/quote]

When traveling, or even at home, all you need a computer for is Internet, Word, Powerpoint or Excel, MSN, listen to MP3, and watch movies and/or porn.

For US 400- 500, that’s really all you get and all you really need in a computer. Plus, it’s portable and you won’t sulk in guilt for months if it gets lost/stolen.

I didn’t even know Lenovo made one of these. Thanks for the heads up. I guess they’re getting released around October, but in the US sites, they said it would most likely be November. Plus, there are two options of 80 GB or 160 GB (more porn).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony or Toshiba or any other major laptop companies follow suit and provide Windows Vista or something amazing.

The point of all this is
(1) Long battery life.
(2) Light and basic in function.
(3) CHEAP and CHEAP!

Already Lenovo’s prices are retailing higher than Acers (according to US prices). It seems from Yahoo Auction (thanks for the pointer) that it’s backordered and certain colors are out of stock. I really don’t know. But the Acer Aspire One still cost higher than the ones sold in the US (isn’t Acer a Taiwan company?). I’m comparing the top of the specs for the Acer (retails for $450). In Taiwan, even at the Auction site, it’s still 30% or so more expensive. Boo!

Maybin, there are loads of these “netbooks” either already released or coming soon. As well as the Aspire One and the Lenovo ones, there are also lots of different Asus Eee PC models, the HP Mini-Note, the MSI Wind, something by Dell I think, and quite a few others.

Some of them, such as the HP Mini-Note I think, have the option of Vista. That’s the wrong option for an underpowered laptop though. Vista’s a good OS, but it’s only really practical on a reasonably fast dual-core machine with 2G RAM or more.

C’mon people, catch up will yah! :wink:
Toshiba - … s_netbook/
Dell - … l=en&s=dhs - sadly not on sale in Taiwan as yet
Asus N10 - … t-scooped/
LG just released their rebadged MSI Wind with a few tweaks of their own, called the Xnote - … Korea.html
And Sony is also rumoured to have something on the go and Samsung has this coming - … tbook.html

yep. I bought an AcerAspire One in the UK this month.

It’s a great little machine. I bought XP with 120GB hd. It’s got some teething problems:

  1. I can’t find a suitable plug for Taiwan
  2. occasional screen flicker on battery mode

But it was much cheaper than in Taiwan (approx. NT$15390) though linux versions were nearly 1/3 cheaper still. It’s great: just slips into my bag, and it attracts lots of comments for its size.


Huh? You mean you got a UK 3-prong plug? Just use a travel adaptor, that works just fine.

Local store is trying to find a suitable plug, in the meantime, am using the wife’s notebook cable. Works a treat. Any suitable 3 pronged notebook cable should be fine… Charging just fine…

Now I just need to get a wireless broadband account set up and installed and I’m raring to go!


The second biggest electrical chain store in Taiwan (after 3C and can’t remember their name but they’re all over) sells an adapter that takes all sorts of pins including UK 3 pin in its socket, and has two flat pins on the other side for Taiwan. Have a look round, you’ll find it. No transformer needed.

Found the cables. 3C was useless. not surprisingly. Found a little store in Nova with cables and plugs. So I bought both!

Kenneth … AOA1101295

cheapest price in USA. But id rather have the windows one with the 120gig hdd. That one is like 399 plus tax at Walmart

I’m not demanding to purchase items for the same price as Internet prices in the US, but it’s good for comparison purposes only.

In the states, the Windows one with 160 GB and all the works is $400 US dollars or $450 US dollars at most.

In Taiwan, it’s a good $200 US dollars or more more expensive.

I’d think that in Taiwan, electronics and computers would be competitively priced or even cheaper than anywhere else since Asia is so tech savvy and heck, a lot of companies are operated and based in Taiwan.

In any case, Acer is lowering its prices on the Aspire One as they want to attract more customers and the truth is, there is a market for a moderately priced netbook, not for $500 US dollarish ones.

I still want to get one, but I flat out refuse to buy one for 18,000 nt or even 16,000nt. Again, I want the top of the specs version and not the Linux version.

the China Post says Acer sold one million of these suckers worldwide just in SEptember alone and project 5 million of these suckers sold worldwide by the end of the year?? Wow. I know I want one

RE: Acer Aspire One
you have to use the proprietry software. Can’t load your own i.e. you can’t use MS Word or even VLC. A big no-no, IMHO.

With the others, even if Linux based, you can choose which programs you use.

Well I just got me a Eee PC 1000HD yesterday so no Acer aspire for me

windows XP home, 120giga hdd, 1giga Ram, 10inch TFT, 3 USB 2.0 ports, built in wireless G

on sale 411 including tax here in bay area at BEST BUY

[quote=“trubadour”]RE: Acer Aspire One
you have to use the proprietry software. Can’t load your own i.e. you can’t use MS Word or even VLC. A big no-no, IMHO.

With the others, even if Linux based, you can choose which programs you use.[/quote]

Astounding claims… and wholly not true. Of course you can use VLC, Word… IN FACT, when I bought mine, I installed ALL my favorite software without any hitches…

Lotus Symphony
Oh, and Word was installed already (but I removed that!)

To mention just a few of the items… So please next time, make sure you know what you are talking about! :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it had it’s own stuff already installed and you couldn’t change it. I read it somewhere, like on the register

Good to know I am wrong. Maybe I was thinking of another - there’s so many about at the moment…

Even so, it seems strange to think it comes with Word, unless you have the windows version. Even normal computers which come with windows don’t come with Word installed.

Can you explain?