The NEW Yamaha FORCE 155cc

Bought the new Yamaha scooter. It’s basically a lighter more agile version of the SMAX. It’s cheaper than the SMAX because the dash, controls and lights have cut costs (regular bulbs instead of LED).

It’s also a historic moment for Taiwan as it’s the first scooter sold in Taiwan without a headlight switch (lights are always on when running). I think all future new models will be made this way.

I did a video review:

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Looks pretty sweet! Unfortunately my scooter is 16 months old so I can’t justify another purchase.

I was thinking that most smaller scooters - with the exception of the S-Max - look pretty mundane; this one seems like a step in the right direction in terms of looks.


This is in preparation for the regulation to change (they say sometime in early or mid 2017) where “day” lights will be required to stay on at all times.

I saw some commercials in the past few weeks about this scooter and kept thinking…they are replacing the SMAX?

How much did you drop on this? If you don’t mind me asking. I have to assume it’s somewhat in range of the new Cygnus model, 80k ish?

People always tell me to turn off my lights because it’s daylight.

Likely people will just get the mechanic to rig a switch.

On a selfish note I’m disappointed because now I stand out and people stop their turn when they see me approach. In a sea of running lights I won’t stand out :slight_smile:

The Smax is still available. So they aren’t replacing it. I’d say it’s like the Cygnus and the BWS. They both use the same engine, but the BWS is lighter, cheaper and aimed at younger people. Same same.

The Force is 87k while the SMax is 93k. The Force has no hazard lights, it’s bulbs are all regular as opposed to LED and it has less seat space.

But the Force has upgraded suspension. I rode off a few curbs and you could barely feel it. Shocked the hell out of me…and I currently own 5 scooters.

The Force has 16hp compared to the Cygnus’s 10hp. While riding it doesn’t seem a lot quicker…until you go uphill…or throw a passenger on the back. And then you really notice.

I actually just saw one on my commute to work and the rear kind of resembles the new Kymco Racing S. However, once you get a profile view of it, you know it’s a Yamaha.

87k? Quite a competitive price between the SMax and Cygnus. Have you had any passengers on it yet? People were saying that the Cygnus has the most comfortable rear seating in it’s class, what have your passengers said about the Force?

I had a passenger, but they didn’t comment on the comfort. It has a stepped seat…which is supposed to be better for them. More importantly it’s more comfortable for ME when I have a passenger on the Force. In the sense that the throttle response remains the same. A Cygnus has 10hp, but the Force has 16hp. You really notice the extra horses when going uphill or carrying a passenger.

Just got a new one today, it’s weird. Is this the new smell or it’s overheating? You guys have any idea if this is pre filled with coolant in the factory or I should add myself in the radiator? The “temp high” lights up in the dash in the first 2 kilometers then it stopped. But I smell new metal being heated. Is that normal?

@Mordeth, that speed of your scooter driving in real time?
if so, dang…expecting either a car to make right turn in front or get squeezed between 2 vehicles.
(i drive a scooter myself. Yamaha, but plain vanilla model)

drive back to dealer and they’ll have a look-see.
shouldn’t cost anything.

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Yeah I had it done today. Basically they said that it’s only on the first use. I didn’t see the red light anymore and the smell went away as well. But I can’t say I’m amazed at this one. Lights are on all the time! No sneaking out of the house at night. No hazard lights too. The shape of the seat is weird and painful on the bottom on long runs. Seating position is a bit high. If both can be bought brand new, my old Yamaha Majesty is still a better buy. If anyone is reading this looking to buy, I say just get the SMAX and you’ll be better served. For US$200 difference in price, your loosing about a thousand dollars in experience and comfort. A few bells and whistles missing is a lot if you plan to use this for years. Just my two cents.

Friend of mine owns the Smax and the Force. He prefers the Force. He’s going to convert his Smax into a Force by swapping parts.

And complaining about the lights being on? Really? You are 20 times more likely to die on a scooter in the DAYTIME with the lights being off. Lights on is a requirement in all first world countries. Taiwan is slow to catch up.

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I gave my reason, and it’s not about safety. There’s better and legit reasons to turn off the lights I’m sure. Requiring to turn them on is a must, I agree… But that’s for the government to impose. For the price I payed, I felt I should have chosen the higher tier just a couple of hundreds above. I’m happy for you if this one floats your boat. I’ll try to return it for an Smax. The only reason I got this is the Smax colors put me off.

If you want the light off you can get the mechanic to rig a switch