The New York State News and Politics Thread

He says he’s not running, but he says a lot of things. Here’s a place to talk about wanting him to save the Democrat party from itself, like Bloomberg didn’t and Bernie didn’t.

Start with:

He’s making the right noises here, certainly.

He’s part of an ancient political dynasty. He could be the next Jeb!

I think America wants to know if he has nipple piercings

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He could be a space alien. More likely a mutant. The ruling class tends to get inbred.

or wearing a man-bra. queue Seinfeld episode…

The ambulance-chasing lawyers are salivating at suing New York State for sending covid-19 cases into memory care facilities.
Wait until those TV commercials show up: "If you know of a loved one who was in a memory care facility who died after a covid-19 patient was sent there, please call us at 1-800-SUE-CUOMO.

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The goal is to determine whether there’s enough there to launch an investigation under the “Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act” (CRIPA), which protects the civil rights of residents in state-run nursing homes. Specifically, they need to determine whether orders to mandate returning sick patients to the homes ultimately contributed to the higher rate of mortality.

Uh-ohh, Andrew.

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You can find the letters the DOJ sent to Governors Cuomo, Murphy, Wolf, and Whitmer at the bottom of this press release. As the release says, “the data requests are not accusations of fault or wrongdoing by the states or any other individual or entity, and the department has not reached any conclusions about these matters.”

Wow, I have definitely reached a conclusion. Before any investigation has begun. I feel like such a democrat.

BTW, I’m actually watching the Trump Show on the big TV. I don’t want to say Freak Show because that is rude, but there was just a Chinese guy, a BLIND Chinese guy reading Braille…in English!..and singing Trump’s song. Then the wheelchair guy used an exoskeleton to fucking stand up, i kid you not. :cowboy_hat_face:

It’s on like a belt buckle.

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Probably the nicer thing would have been to just very quietly take him off security detail.
Luckily for the state trooper, he was not sent to a memory care facility.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi said that “the governor had nothing to do with the transfer — it was requested by the trooper.”

I’m sure it was.

What? Randy Andy? Say you don’t say.

WASHINGTON – A former staffer for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that he sexually harassed her for years.

The explosive allegation comes as President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly considering Cuomo to run the Department of Justice.

Lindsey Boylan, a former New York government official who is running for the Manhattan Borough presidency, outlined the allegations in a series of tweets on Sunday.

In another tweet, Boylan wrote: “I hate that some men, like @NYGovCuomo abuse their power.”

Boylan also wrote on Sunday that she was not interested in discussing the matter with journalists. She did not immediately respond* to CNBC’s request for comment.

*WTF kind of doublespeak is that? Did she or didn’t she respond to their outreach?

Fuckin media, man. :rant:

End the war on drugs


Sure, bc the 1b, of which I am one, had one entire whole day to sign up to get our shots and then he said hey, anyone over 65 can get theirs. And now we’re out. And this part is the best:

More bad news, the anxiety and frustration may last another 17 weeks, which is the time it’ll take to vaccinate seven million people at the rate of 230,000 per week. But there may also be another problem.
“Our bigger problem is the acceptance,” the governor asserted. "Especially among the Black and Latino community. Why? Because they’re skeptical. They’re skeptical of a vaccine approved by the Trump administration."

How can that have come to pass? Oh yeah, that four year smear.

Good. Let the light shine in.

“Because then, we were in a position where we weren’t sure if what we were going to give to the Department of Justice, or what we give to you guys, what we start saying, was going to be used against us while we weren’t sure if there was going to be an investigation,” DeRosa continued. “That played a very large role into this.”

So, they were afraid that their opponents would use the FACT that sending covid positive people to nursing homes killed people? That’s why they hid the info. jfc


“This is the most damning, someone admitted it, and it looks like they covered it up the whole time,” Dean said. “Look at this governor’s track record – his leadership book, his Emmy award, protected only himself and his administration and we never got an apology from this governor. I believe he should be in jail.”

Why jump to he should be in jail? Just get the information out and sue the fuck out of them. Class action lawsuit. Cuomo strong armed State dependent nursing homes to accept infected people when the CDC already knew that the elderly were way more at risk to get C19 and die…and then did.


New York’s faux tough-guy and notorious crybaby governor was whining because state lawmakers are understandably livid, to the point of stepping up their probes, over his tragic mishandling of COVID in nursing homes, and his administration’s assiduous cover-up thereof. Turns out legislators were less than dazzled by top Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa’s rationalization that the administration had no choice but to mislead Albany about death-toll data because it was trying to conceal the same information from the Justice Department in Washington.

As our Brittany Bernstein reports regarding another of the diva’s press briefings Monday, Cuomo pined that when investigators coerce information by subpoena and the threat of more investigating, “That’s a crime, it’s called abuse of process, it’s called extortion.”

Well, actually, no, it’s not. And no one knows that better than the governor, who when not investigating has spent much of his career fending off investigators.

Extortion is the wrongful use of intimidation to obtain property from a person with that person’s ostensible consent.


Yeah. We need the truth and the whole truth. This sounds horrible.

Fellow Democratic legislators in New York weren’t buying Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s explanation Monday as to why he refused for months to release a true accounting of nursing home residents who died from the coronavirus.
Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens), whose uncle died from COVID-19, bluntly said that “all of it is BS” and a cover-up.
“They could have given us the information back in May and June of last year. They chose not to,” Kim said

“She talked about the potential that the information would be weaponized against them. DeRosa needs to be accountable for what she said,” Kim insisted.
“She implicated all of us in the cover-up.”

Yup, and I’m pretty sure those dead folks will still be dead in 2022.

And Cuomo can’t find a rock to hide under:

state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx) challenged Cuomo’s assertion that his team informed lawmakers that it would delay release of nursing home fatality data because of the federal probe.
“No, @NYGovCuomo , you did not tell the `entire’ Senate or Assembly that there was a DOJ investigation, as the reason why you didn’t share the nursing home numbers,” Biaggi said in a tweet.

About time then to take away all the dictatorial powers Cuomo grabbed in the chaos of last winter.

There have been calls in the past to rescind Cuomo’s authority, and the governor’s office has pointed to provisions in the law that allow the legislature to override any order he issues.
But the latest push comes amid the growing controversy surrounding the disclosure of the deaths of nursing home and long-term care facility residents during the pandemic.
Revelations over the last several weeks have included an attorney general report finding an under-count of residents, disclosures that more than 15,000 residents have died since March, and the administration withheld information from state lawmakers so officials could respond to a Department of Justice inquiry.
Cuomo administration officials in September asked the legislature for a “pause” to respond to the DOJ request.
The Cuomo administration has maintained the delayed response was due to the DOJ inquiry, as well as the effort to respond to the end-of-year surge in COVID cases and vaccine distribution. The Department of Health last week released responses to state lawmakers based on questions first asked in August.

I’ll have to swing by the Capitol building today and see if anyone is outside protesting.