The news links on the right never work

Those links haven’t been working since… like… forever.,

Oh, me neither but I assumed they were being blocked because I’m in China.

For me only the links are broken, the rest work. The URL is getting mangled somehow.

I clicked on several at random (didn’t test them all), and each one I clicked worked. This includes the Taiwan News site.

That looks like the same problem I’ve had with the Taiwan News RSS feeds. They’ve been broken for about 3-4 weeks.

I sent them an email, but… silence.

They seem to be working for me as well. What browser are you guys using?

I’ve tried with Opera21 (Win7), IE10 (Win7), Chrome (Android) and whatever browser Feedly uses (Android RSS app).

As far as I can tell, a broken link looks like this (as seen in my RSS reader): (broken)

But it should be formatted like this: … id=2461696 (works)

Just over a year now since I reported this, my understanding from the response then was that it wouldn’t be fixed. I’ve only ever had the issue with the Taiwan News links, not to the other papers and generally with newer links, sometimes it works, but not often.

I think that’s the case with me. I checked the links today, and they all work except the Taiwan News ones. I’m using Chrome.

I think that at some time in the past few days, the Taiwan News links worked for me. But in the past they often haven’t. So I guess sometimes the Taiwan News links work, and sometimes they don’t.

I think that in the past, if the Taiwan News headline on the side of the page was interesting, I typed in Chrome’s “omnibox” (the URL box) and copied and pasted the headline between double quotation marks. Or I just went to the site and looked for the headline or tried to get it by using “Find.”