The Night Night Show: Political satire in Taiwan

This young fella is trying to crowd fund a political satire tv show, by using comedy to enlighten the next generation of what is happening in the world.

All the best of luck to him I reckon, and more of it.

Knowing how often the talk show hosts find themselves in hot water -being sued by the politicians they criticize- I wonder how long he can last. He will need a lot of funds to cover those.

The world stops at the Taiwan coastline!

Paaahhh! You bunch of pessimists, at least give him a chance.

He has a youtube channel which is doing quite well apparently.

You should watch. It’s literally the first thing he talks about, and he plans to take Taiwan’s criminal defamation law to the supreme court to have it declared unconstitutional.

This is the trial show.

That’s a ridiculous law, you can kill someone on the road and get off with nothing, get sued for defamation and you are looking at a huge fine and jail time.

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Good luck to him; they only problem with these kinds of shows is that they tend to push one side/party over the other and end up just preaching to the choir.

Brian did an all English skit mockingly introducing Taiwan to the world.