The OC

Just picked up the first season of this hit series. Watched the first 2 episodes last night. Fantastic show. Anyone else watching this?

I moved here after living in “The OC” for 13 years.
(Surf City & Sunset Beach - yes, there really is a place named that. The TV series used Seal Beach for their outside shots)
Trust me, its not a documentary.
And no, I did not think you were in any way implying that with your post.
Just tired of people who think thats the way life really is there. (Not that you were in anyway doing that)
Anyway, good luck, I hope you can find the episodes you want.

damn, whats with all the parentheses. I’m going back to my nap.

I watched the first few episodes on TV back in NZ. I thought it was stupid. Dawson’s Creek with even more vapid and formulaic characters and episodes.

I am sorry you think that. I found the obstacles facing the main character very real. The acting, particularly the young displaced guy delightful. The mother of the love interest is deliciously evil in her trailer-trash becomes noveau riche stylizations. As is the boy’s drunk of a mom. Love to hate her. I am gonna enjoy a few more episodes before I make such a strong criticism.

Then again, you don’t like much, do you Tetsuo?

I also picked up a new series called Nip/Tuck. Haven’t started watching it, but I am told it is the new Sopranos or OZ, but set in the world of Cosmetic Surgery. Will let y’all know more once I’ve had the chance to view a few episodes.

I also picked up about 45 newly released movies. Meet The Fokkers is fun, but not the laugh riot the first one was. The Manchurian Candidate is a real wild ride. Saw an interesting Clive Owen (King Arthur) film called I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. Pretty horrific subject matter. A very good film.

Okay, now I think it is stupid too. Sorry T. If I was a 12 year old girl, I’d be all over it. Anyone wanna buy The OC Season 1? :help:

Not I :laughing:. But how’s Nip/Tuck? I managed to miss that back home, but heard good things…

Nip/Tuck is really cool. Pretty gory in the OR scenes. The storylines are interesting and disturbing. Is mankind really so vain as to want to have this stuff done to us? Each episode is titled after the main patient in the story. The two Drs. encapsulate the dichotemy in us all. The juxtaposition is exquisite.

Even though I am starting to really bulk up and out, there is not a chance I’d ever have liposuction done. Keeersit, that’s gross shit.

I have viddied 6 episodes so far. 9 more to go. I’ll lend them to you when I am done.

Mischa Barton can’t act

She can’t act but damn did I enjoy watching her try.

If you get Satellite TV from Jim that Satellite TV guy, you can get Nip/Tuck and The OC in additon to a bunch of other shows. What else do you guys miss from back home?

Season one was kinda predictable throughout, season two had some good plot twists, but it got boring for me. Now I watch it for the good soundtrack and live music acts.

Some guides for you… click on Philippines to see what is different from the Taiwan programming, which is mostly everything… and also axn again philippines

For some of the stuff you are missing from cable… :blush: :blush: