The oddest foreigner you've met here -- share your story


I’m feeling nonbinary at the moment…or maybe it’s nondairy. Anyway, feelings don’t need to be proved, they just are.


I feel fat.


Funny, you don’t look fat. But it may be because I can’t see you. Of course, you could be a pimply, overweight 14-year-old with halitosis. That’s the glory of the internet.


I think my identity is fat fluid, because 3 months ago I was 80kg and now I’m 84.


For some reason, this reminded me of the scene in Fight Club where they steal fat from the liposuction clinic to make soap. Now I feel like I need to take a shower.


I’ve seen a lot of guys similar to this one. Coming to Taiwan and compensating for 30 years of sexual rejection and virginity.


That’s really odd because Taiwan is not the spot to do that. That would be Thailand.


Yeah, I have seen guys who still get rejected by Taiwanese girls.


Shhh, you weren’t supposed to tell them!

Now I’ll never get a girl.


No, you are that old, not we! We are just a tad younger.


Iron doesn’t get old…it just rusts.


Picture or it never happened!


I met my part time boss here and his very nice person and still working with him on weekend.
His not odd his the best foreigner I met here.


Says who? :smirk:


Does the extra 4kg have anything to do with your username?


I’ve had a 4kg upgrade in the last 3 months? Unfortunately not.


Donʻt have a picture, because I didnʻt have a camera at that time, but I think I still have the over-the-shoulder beauty-pageant-style banner-label I had to wear in some box in the basement, somewhere.


I’m afraid that may scare off more ladyfolk than it would attract. :open_mouth:


There is what appears to be a homeless foreigner on the street tonight on the street on Xinyi Road near Guanghua Road by Wooloomooloo. Dirty, tattered clothes dragging on the ground, worn out dirty Chicago Bulls jacket. I’ll call him Gray Beard because that’s all I could see other than the skin.


And how about those who sneaked into the forbidden forum? maybe those are REAL men.