The Official NBA Thread


The Mavs are not that bad a team, solid veteran players, some good young players. And like last year they lose a lot of games by just a few points. Just need a few upgrades here and there and they are in playoff contention. The assists he gets are by way or some really great passes (excellent court vision). Put him on a team with elite players and he’ll crunch those numbers even more.


rofl, he’s so used to getting bullshit calls that he walked out of the floor expecting to get one.



Porzingis to Dallas!!! Yes!!!

They literally traded for a guy they past on in the draft (DSJ) and traded their best pick in years lol


Wow, there is a lot of dust to settle before anyone can see which team won in this one. If Porzingis plays like before his injury and develops even further (he’s just 23), this will be a fantastic team core. The range and versatility of Luka and Porzingis will be a nightmare for any defense. The Knicks will have a lot of money to spend on free agents.


that’s some next level 4d chess…


Love that the Mavs kept Finney, Kleber, and Brunson those are great role players. Won’t miss Matthews. Hardaway will provide as much or more scoring. Barnes will be good for some veteran leadership, but sooner or later he might be gone too.


Utter nonsense. He’s described by Chris Paul as the greatest offensive player in the game’s history. This is an increasingly agreed upon opinion among NBA circles now.

As far as Iverson, that’s a compliment! Iverson took a team with no real #2 options to a finals and almost beat a superstar laker team. Harden took GSW to 7 games.

To deny Harden’s offensive ability on any level is ludicrous.


That glorious 76ers team you mentioned lost in 5, and Iverson never sniffed another finals.

I said Harden’s offensive skills are impressive, but he’s not winning anything…


Iverson is an all time legend. Name the second guy on that team off the top of your head. Versus Kobe and Shaq.

I can’t wait til Harden gets his first ring.


Unless the Knicks have insider information that Kyrie and KD are planning to sign in a few months this morning had to hurt if you’re a Knick fan.


Maybe they know that Porzingis is injury prone and will get hurt again soon.

He’s 7.3 and had an ACL already.

Porzingis continues to be injury-prone, and who knows if this guy will ever play a full 82-game season. “The Lizard” can’t recover too quickly from a torn ACL, and the Knicks have to be careful about when they bring him back.

Another concern is the fact that most players decline after a torn ACL, especially in the NBA. The stats prove that. It’s such an impactful injury on a player that he may not be the same when he gets back – and he’s only 22. It’s very alarming for the Knicks at this point that the fate of their franchise rests on a kid who can’t stay healthy and will be coming off a torn ACL.


Simmons in the All-Star! Aussie pride!!


I believe he will be ok. ACL to me isn’t the worst ligament to tear and players do come back fine after with proper rehab now. But re injuring it will probably end a career so that’s the concern. And players know it so it fucks with their head daily.

I tore my LCL. And it took 3 years for me to not think about it and trust my body again. It’s been 5-6 years since it happened and I don’t really have an issue anymore. But for a entire year and a half after the injury I didn’t work out or play. I was terrified and I was having nagging pains daily. I’m not 7’3 but I’m still pretty tall around 6’2-6’3 so it added the load my knee would have to take. I think if he can get his head right and do proper rehab he will be fine. It took a while to get my head right, every time I jump I would think about it. It was awful. I also didn’t take rehab seriously because I was young and in my head i thought I could just heal in a few days. But days lasted for weeks and weeks lasted for months. It took 3 months before I got a MRI because the doctor thought I just had a sprained knee. Finally after the MRI from another doctor I was told it’s torn. That also messed up my recovery.


I’m really upset with Doncic not being in. He had the 2nd most votes! Fans want to see him. It’s what the all star game is about.


Yeah me too, just focusing on the positives!


They also didn’t get D rose who is ballin like MVP rose. Fans votes should count more.


Wow, the Mavs next year will be fun to watch. Two Eastern European dudes teaming up, making things happen.


But I wonder who will play center? I’m guessing they will let KP play the 4 because he likes it better.


Yeah, Mesri, won’t cut it. Probably another trade coming, Powell for a better center for example.