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Let’s start this thread with:

What are your thoughts about LeBron moving to the Lakers?

LA Bron’s new body swapping comedy will come out before the Lakers even make a Conference Final.

To be honest, I like LeBron to the Lakers better than Durant to the Warriors.

I loved Kevin Durant, but him moving to GSW broke the NBA for me. I don’t think he or GSW did anything wrong, but as a Seattle->OKC fan who followed Durant, I am now teamless and is now just a fan of the game as I cannot support GSW.

Still rather GSW win than Bron though.

I really liked the way GS started playing since they fired that Jackson trash and hired Kerr, so for me KD was the icing on the cake.

I have never been a fan of LeBron, but I still find it amazing, what numbers he puts up, how many minutes he plays, and how he keeps winning with mediocre teammates.

I’m a fan of Kerr as a NBA person in all his roles over the years, but Mark Jackson taught the Warriors how to play D.

Does the NBA have a salary cap?

Yup, soft cap with luxury tax.

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Yes, though it’s a soft cap. You go above it -> cash penalty

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So, anything good happened in the Summer League so far? Since you brought it up…


I have no loyalty to NBA teams, it usually depends on which teams play in a way I like or have players I admire.
GS had a soft spot in my heart since the days of Chris Mullin. This year I’ll probably cheer for Gs, Utah, Boston and Phila in no particular order.

I’m really curious to see how DMC will recover and how/if he’ll fit in GS’ fast paced offense. I like old style big men, but he may end up being a bit clunky for them.

As an Aussie, I’m obliged to support Philly somewhat and I do love Simmon’s game. Imagine if they got Tatum instead of Fultz… Sigh.

I’m a fan of Hayward also and Boston will be a great team to watch.

that fultz pick…what a nightmare.

I mean, they could have picked anyone else at this point, I don’t remember other picks in the first round who forgot how to play hoops.

Sometimes I check the NBA sub on Reddit and in the 76ers section people kept defending him. “It happens! No worries! He just needs time it’s because of the injury!”. I call bollocks on that, I haven’t played competitive basket for 18 years but if I warm up 10 minutes my shot is as good as it ever was. Fultz forgot how to act like a coordinated human, wtf…

Just realized that Andrew Bogut does not play in the NBA anymore. I guess he did not have much fun after he left GSW.

Some deep mental issues there, NBA pressure got him. But fuck man I’d be willing to bet Fultz get his free throw back before Lonzo learns how to shoot one to begin with.

Edit: Ok neither of them knows how to shoot a free throw in college, 64% vs 67%. Sad.

Signed a contract to play back in Australia I believe. Still consider him an underrated NBA player despite being drafted number 1. Superb passing center with supreme footwork on the block. Draymond credits his defensive prowless on Bogut teaching him now to move and read the plays.

Shooting bricks must be a genetic feature of Ball’s family. Liangelo’s “”“workout”"" was painful to watch.

Some players seem to be resistant to advice by shooting coaches. I think everyone should at least try to emulate the shooting motion of someone like Ray Allen.

Wait, there’s another guy with a shooting form that’s absolutely appalling…is it Kidd Gilchrist? It looks painful.

Oh and Ben Simmons of course, but that’s because he should shoot with the right hand, not the left one.

But he plays defense…