The Official NBA Thread


Not Powell. He is one of my favorite players. He has developed into a legit NBA player and he hustles every play. I hope they keep him. I honestly love the Dallas bench of odd and over looked players.


This is harsh…Harrison Barnes get traded mid game.


Wowwee, can’t they wait until after the game?


Jesus, that feels bad man.

“Why did you take me out, coach? I’m not tired, did I do anything wrong?”

“Don’t worry, you were doing great! We just traded you”


Played too well it seems lol

They gutted the entire starting roster for Doncic.


Potentially 40 million to spend on free agents in the offseason. They can go for another big fish.


Another european player!

Nikola Vucevic at center!!

goran dragic or Rubio playing PG lol

Marco Belinelli at SG.



The future looks bright for Dallas. But Porzingis’ injury is huge question mark.

This guy has Mirotic coming first, Vucevic later. :slight_smile:


I hope one day someone will manage to get Simmons, who’s right handed, to stop shooting with his left hand.
Embiid is unreal, deserves to be in a real contender.


I’d never want Simmons on my team. He’s a liability in the 4th. Can’t convert on the line, cnn’t shoot.


I think he needs to either:

A) drop the left hand meme and learn how to shoot with his real dominant hand

B) forget the guard position and become and “old style” slasher forward

Lebron’s massive body combined with his talent allowed him to become the player he is. Simmons is in a weird limbo where he doesn’t seem to be using neither his body nor his talent properly.
I hope he finds his way, instead of becoming the new Mcw.


Jeremy Lin got signed to the raptors after Hawks bought out his contract.


Good for him, winning, baby!


Simmon’s 3 point rating = must buy



I am tired of watching Dirk bricking open threes. Every attempt is a prayer it seems. Carlisle should start him for a change. He’s just not good off the bench, or good anymore period. Let him start the game, get some open looks via Luka passes and hope for the best at the other end. If he can start Mesri for no reason, he can start the Diggler too.



Definitely looking forward to my Spurs play @ Toronto this coming Friday/Saturday.


I don’t remember anyone suffering an injury after a shoe exploded like that, wtf…

Let us not forget who the real victim is: Nike, who will be blamed for this. #prayforNike #jesuoisNike