The Official NBA Thread


I think they are looking for championship or bust. And they were looking like busts so far. If he had the chance of pushing them over GSW, worth the risk.


Good to see he’s working on his shooting form.


He’s a bust. 76ers have an amazing talent to draft busts.


So sad… Imagine Tatum on the Sixers.


The 76ers ahd so many high picks thanks to “the process” but basically the only real top player turned out to be Embiid. Some of their picks turned out to be ok-ish fillers, some evolved into absolute trash (MCW and Okafor are the first two that come to mind).
Fultz was supposed to be the ultimate sharpshooter and forgot how to shoot…I mean, come on…

Meanwhile, the Rockets are trying to dump Melo. Even with his peanuts-tier contract he’s a liability to the team, geez.


Melo to Spurs, you heard it here first (or 57th I don’t know).


Do you want Pop to get a stroke ?_?


Exactly my thought. The first image that "Pop"ped into my mind. The coach yelling at Melo. Those two don’t mesh well.


Holy cow what a block.

I wonder if the Green/Durant drama is legit or if it’s being overhyped by journalist who see some clickbait potential.




Dallas killed the Jazz by 50 points! 118-68

Seems like we are going to see lots of offensive season records broken this year. Everyone is scoring 110 a game.


Looks like Melo is out. I’d say it’s time for him to try to make some cash in China, or retire and stop prolonging his downward spiral. Even T-Mac said he should consider just quitting, rather than dragging on and on while providing d-league performances.


Melos career is his own doing. He put himself in this position. Refused to change; wanted to play on the knicks. Pushed good teammates and coaches out because of jealousy and petty issues like Lin and others. No one wants to play with Melo. He’s extremely inefficient and a loser. His stat line and money always came before the team and winning.




Jeremy with a nice milestone of his career at 5000 points last night. Some injuries have sidelined his potential and productivity. But really amazing going into a respectable 9th year in the league as an undrafted player.


Luka Donic continues to amaze me with a win over GSW. So crafty and amazing footwork. Really good looking shot. I can’t believe he is 19. I’ve never seen a more well rounded rookie than him, he just doesn’t have the natural athleticism of Lebron and Ben Simmons coming into the league. But he’s way more skilled then both of them. IQ is possibly better than Lebron coming in the league or at least on par.

Forget Trey young, guy shoots volume and has poor percentage. Less than 30% on 3s right now.


Jeremy looks awesome right now. He looks like he got his legs back. I’m surprised to see this from how serious of an injury patella tendon tears are. Usually it ends careers. And I’ve notice he has added some skills to his repertoire. His passing is looking great, too bad his teammates are scrubs and can’t finish. If they weren’t trying to develop trae young and tank for picks I would say the smart move is to start him over young to get wins. Trae young has looked horrible the last few games and is really inconsistent overall. Shooting 24% from 3 and below 40% on FG. He’s getting bullied as well by bigger players.


The way he played close to the basket against the Warriors was impressive. I agree, he’s very smart, still a rookie making rookie mistakes, but that’s just getting used to the NBA. Once he feels really comfortably and knows the opposing players better after having played against them a few times, I think we’ll see his real potential. The failed Dennis dunk showed me that he’s far more to learn than Doncic. I think the realization by Dennis that Doncic is seen as the future of the Mavs and that he is not quite as good as the rookie (while not being bad at all) will be a pill that is hard to swallow for him, and I think that could be a problem for the Mavs. Lot of good coaching needed.


I know Carlisle has been getting some negative comments. But his ability to get a bunch of bench players that really isn’t that good and a bit weird to work is amazing. Look at some of these bench players on his team being utilized so well. Dorian Finney Smith, Dwight Powell, JJ bares, devin Harris and Keebler are all killing it off the bench.

I don’t know what to do about DSJ, he’s has the opposite problem of Luka. Hyper athletic, but IQ and skills are not polished yet. Wish he was bigger so he can play the 2 guard. But perhaps we are expecting too much from a sophomore guard. It’s just that he looks like a scrub next to Luka right now. Dallas isn’t winning anytime soon, so I guess keep developing him and keep Luka happy. I’m scared LUka isn’t going to be happy playing for a team that rebuilding, he just came from a championship contender team.


Wow, just watched the highlights of the Kemba show… and then Butler crashes the party.