The Official NBA Thread


No. I’ve only a limited time and takes extra effort to watch sports live here.

I’ve given up on the NFL. Not enough fans outside of US for me to enjoy it with others. Basketball is just so much more entertaining for me. If you walk down the street asking if Eli should be a HOFer no one will know who you’re talking about. Who’s better KD or leBron, people will say something, although sometimes a stupid opinion.

Idk how the NFL will compete against others sports in the new generation. The younger generation view nba as cool. Lots of social media presence and players are allowed to express themselves like promote their shoes and such. NFL for lots of young people, is no longer cool.


Jeremy looks really really really good right now. 26 points off the bench. Too bad they are tanking and Betting on trae young…who isn’t looking that great recently. Otherwise he should start honestly. Jeremy is shooting over 50% on FG and 42% on 3s


Interesting bit of data: at the end of each quarter, players tend to shoot more 3 pointers, and the fg percentage goes down, possibly due to fatigue?

The huge spikes are caused by the last second contested fade away shots from midcourt, but the trend is visible even outside of the last seconds and it gets more apparent closer to the end of the game, showing how tired players tend to chuck 3s more often (and at a lower %).

Luckily none of my coaches is here to comment of my shooting habits



Must be last-second shots bringing the percentage down.
At the end of the game, if you’re down by much, you’ve got to take some chances with 3’s and hope they fall. Also, Curry/Durant/Harden-like players may be gone if the last minutes are garbage time.
You see those stars who sit for the end of the first and third quarters? Who’s chuckin’ bricks so they can get a longer rest?


The Bucks lost to the SUNS and the 76ers lost to the CAVS ??? What the actual fuck…

And the Bucks lost on a night when Giannis had a monster game, how is any of that even fathomable…


I needed to look this up to confirm you were correct. I would have lost a bet that the highest years were in the early 60s.


I like how everyone seems to be able to beat everyone this season. Lot of exciting rookies too. Sexton on Harden was nice to see. That kid has some moves.


38 from Russel and 31 from a guy whose name I can’t even type…the 76ers really need to improve their D. -__-


I can’t stand seeing them use Jeremy on a tanking team like the hawks. His plus and minus numbers are great, extremely efficient and great ball movement when he is on the court. He is shooting almost 60% on field goal and 50% on 3s in November. Everytime he cuts down the lead or takes the lead off the bench. They put trae young in to jack up 3s like he’s curry. But he’s shooting like 25%. I know they are tanking and trying to develop trae young. But it’s honestly not fun basketball. They would clearly be a better team with Lin starting with heavier minutes. Maybe he will get traded and be on a team that will use him to win.


the hand wave <3


Houston: “Moon, we have a problem!”


Atlanta: We want trae young because he will be the next curry
Luka: hold my beer


Giannis <3

Toronto - Phila was a great match, it’s nice to finally have some fairly legit teams in the East.


I really enjoy watching Luca, though he had some less impressive games this week.


He just had another great 21 point game. Looked great.


wow I actually believe Dallas has a chance making the playoffs this with with Luka. Rookie of the year and not even close.

But here’s what pisses me of still.

Plus and minus numbers
Luka with DSJ on the floor -2
Luka without DSJ +9
Luke with JJ +19

Hmmm, DSJ is hyper athletic and we love that but his numbers are not good on paper.


The step-back 3’s is becoming Doncic’s trademark shot, even more so than Harden’s because of the huge step he makes. Looks really pretty.

Dennis has to find a way to produce in the growing shadow of Doncic, if he can’t he might well be traded at some point for someone who plays better together with the Slovenian.


That floater is my favorite. So smooth and soft. It’s just so pleasant to see. His footwork reminds me of Kobe. European players have great foot work.


He’s 19 freaking years old. He’s on a team with a first-ballot unanimous hall-of-famer (who hasn’t played this year) but it’s already his team. He’s the most complete rookie since…last year but not counting last year he’s the best that’s come into the league that early in some time.


Never thought that could happen. Mavs fans don’t really miss Dirk right now. Hope he will not disrupt the flow they have at the moment. But then, you cannot keep him at the end of the bench either, right? He’s probably going to start and then sit for looong stretches. Then, back in, a few threes and one-legged ones, and then back to rest.