The official "What's with your avatar?" thread

I believe @mups don’t really think space monkeys are a threat to mankind, seeing that @mups is one of them now!
Or did you decide to embrace the inevitable?


I’m afraid my views on Space Monkeys shall remain enigmatic.

If you ask me if I believe in, or support the cause of Space Monkeys, you may not get the clarity you seek.

Conversely, if you attack the plight of Space Monkeys, I may be first on the scene.


Did @SuperS54 just become a millionaire? :howyoudoin:

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Nah, he’s a member of an outlaw motorcycle club.

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A more exclusive club than that!

you have the tattoo to go with that?

What, is he speeding his Ducati on the highway too?

All the club members got 2!

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