The official "What's with your avatar?" thread

Ever wondered what was up with someone’s new avatar? Ever got tired of people asking you about yours? Welcome to the one and only official thread for avatar discussion.

I’ll start, for anyone who doesn’t know: my photo was taken when a famous Earthling visited my corner of the galaxy. In case by the time you read this I have a different avatar, here’s the original. That’s me on the far left, holding a tiki torch. (How’s that for irony?)

Now don’t be shy. Introduce yourselves! :slight_smile:

ETA: In case you change your avatar later, please post the image here, for posterity.


Mine is from the back of my favorite truck in Songkhla, Thailand, with my favorite fruit, mangosteen.


Wow, it never occurred to me to ask someone, what’s your favorite truck in Songkhla? I should try that as an icebreaker sometime. :upside_down_face:

Mangosteens are awesome btw. :+1:


Are these rigellians Kang voters or Kodos voters?

They seem pretty friendly to Homer so I wanna lean to Kodos voters…but I am not sure.

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Dude, we are the Rigellian Resistance! We don’t believe in a two-party system!

Sorry I can’t elaborate… :zipper_mouth_face:


So you are saying Kang and Kodos are outliers in their belief in the two party system?

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They’re the establishment. They’ll eat you if they get the chance. We plan to overthrow them and found a utopia of non-stop dance parties, with zero human consumption.

Anyway, enough about me. Where did you get those shades? :dark_sunglasses:

marco 30947_2

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Do you realize that, in thumbnail form, your icon looks like a toilet with the lid up? :grin:


You’re just salty because your bird was getting insulted.


It looks more like a typewriter to me.

tempogain 82840_2

Don’t make me crap on your mangosteens! :sunglasses:

Don’t, you’ll draw ants.


For the record, @Dr_Milker has been blessing us with his Cow image for years and has only just recently adopted the cowboy-bird look.

Dr_Milker 104058_2

Here’s what he really looks like.


If yah can’t tell, mine is one of those water “gas” stations throughout Kaohsiung.
They even have 3 different ratings for quality of water for what you want to do with the water (cook, tea, drink, etc.).
To me they look cool and represent the south (where maybe water quality not so good inside one’s apartment).
Took this one on a bike ride north of Zuoying up the coast a few klicks if memory serves me correct.


Username checks out.

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For posterity:

KHHville 20061_2

It’s a cow in bird’s clothing! Don’t fall for the façade sheeple!


Mine is a fly eating adzuki bean paste, sugar-high and all.