The one and only greeting card store in Taiwan

Words Studio is the one & only greeting card store in Taiwan. You can find more than 3,500 greeting cards and postcards in this store. Lots of greeting cards are made by Hallmark USA, UK, Hallmark Japan and other famous greeting card companies. You can also find over 600 antique postcards that are owner’s personal collection. Words Studio also provides a quite place for you to sit down and write your cards. If you like, you can order a cup of coffee or organic tea (from HawLan, Taiwan) while you are writing your cards.
You can find the store by using google map, just type “words studio” and you can find it. or you can find it in face book :

Like ummm, where?

My local stationary store has a decent selection of greeting cards at very fair prices.

2F., No.376, Fujin St., Taipei (02)2528-0003 Friday ~ Wednesday 12:00~19:30