The opennessof this board - DPP's censorship?!

Wondering who operates this forum, has been trying to leave my message
regarding CBS’s assassination and each time it is deleted…Green censorship??!

I’m guessing that it’s because the very same message has been posted several times before and we’re getting a bit bored of it, if you want to discuss it, please do so on the those threads.

It’s the same as other posters accusing me of being didactic because I get bored of something that has been posted for the TENTH time.

No offense BFM, but didactic? Maybe I misunderstand, but I think maybe you mean impatient or something like that. Didactic means excessive moralizing, preaching or instructing, such as this post of mine. :wink:

No no… Not you MT, you’ve never accused me of anything. if you ever did, I hope you would let me know what I’m supposed to have done.
That is the word I mean, I copy and pasted it from a PM, after looking it up.

Oh, so it was the person who PMed you who used the wrong word. Dui bu chi.

Todos - take a look at this: … c&start=45

It was there 5 minutes ago and has been here a few days.

I think most of us can understand that they only want it posted in 2-3 different place.

The posts were not deleted or censored. They were moved because they were essentially duplicates of prior posts.

As others have noted, there are already many threads about the shooting. Post your new information and new comments in one of those threads.

Some of our new posters may not yet know to look in the Flounder Forum, which is the graveyard of silly threads, duplicate posts, and some (but not all) useless nonsense – which is why some people love trawling through it. :laughing:

I deleted a thread that was started, not by you I think, about the shooting. It was completely a duplicate of what was already in the CSB Shot thread and only had a couple of replies.
If the thread had been longer, I’d have taken the trouble to move the salient, new replies, but this was not the case. You may think this is too strict, but a simple review of the established subject threads provides well-defined guidance as to where your thoughts should be posted.
This is not to say that you cannot start a new thread on a new subject.
The lesson here is, don’t start a new thread on a subject that already has a very well established thread. Don’t post lengthy arguments about the shooting in the Recount thread, for example. There is a dedicated thread for the shooting; use it.
By the way, no one censors anything here. Anything that is deleted is because of duplication or crossing the line of taste or rules of the forum.

Oh come on, admit it, “Maoman” is really Annette Lu. You’re not fooling anyone with that running-dog avatar, you know.