The Oprah Winfrey show in Taipei

Anyone know what cable station the Oprah Show comes on? I used to get it in Kaoshiung, but in Taipei, I can’t find it. I would really really really appericate it. I need a little O :laughing:

I miss watching O too but I didn’t know they still showed it here. Did you read about her recently giving away a new car to everyone in the audience at the first show of her 19th season?

Star World has it. With Yangmingshan cable you have to get digital cable to get Star World.

yea, I watched on star world in Kaoshiung, But which star world station (channel) is it on. I have cable in Taipei city. And yea, i heard about her givin away those cars. Actually it was a ponticac (sp) idea and they went to her about it. They wanted to do a new form of product placement. … oprah_dc_6

It’s on Star World: The cheapskate cable operators/wankers jerked SW last time they had to renew.

So are you saying that Taipei doen’t get Star World any more? :fume: Jezzz the one good thing on tv with no constant violence and cussing and they pull it, what’s the world commin to?

If your company supports digital cable, which of course is an extra fee and installation visit, you can get Star World. The digital cable adds Star World, BBC World (news), DW (mostly German), TV5 (mostly French), Australian Broadcasting Corp, and Nickelodeon.