The Password Game

Give it a whirl. I’m on rule 12 atm.

Rule 16

Gave up at rule 9

You guys did better than I did. I gave up at rule 4 because it was too much like real life and therefore too frustrating to enjoy :unamused:

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I got up to rule 18.
Then, I couldn’t remember all the freaking atomic number of everything they could been interpreted as an element, tried to make a search and all was gone when I came back!
I wasn’t going to go through it all again…

Learning proper algebraic chess notation atm. rule 16 I think it is.

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My last time playing it had the same location as one of the picquiz rounds!
Same church and everything!

What pisses me off is that sometimes one rule this against another.
For example, rule 5 says that “all the digits must add to 25”. And rule 10 says that we “must include the captcha” in the password. What’s the captcha? m3588. Add that to the chess rule and the password is impossible! :wall:

What’s that the heck is that fire?

you can re-roll the captcha at any time, it’s a normal imbed. had to do it several times to hit 25.
i also had a conflict with the chess notation and captcha and had to change it again.

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Yeah. But playing on mobile is not that friendly.
On top of that, the fire thingy just made it uninteresting for me.

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I had more fun shampooing my bollocks.

Sorry, I meant Bullocks.

I’m giving it another go today. I want to make it to rule 30. That would make me happy

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I gave up on rule 18.


Rule 20 will piss you off!

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nice! also wtf! im still scratching my head over chess notation.