The Pocahontas 1/2020th thread, aka E. Warren


Are you doing a reverse NPC impression of the right? I’m enjoying the few we have on this site doing NPC impressions of the left, have you spotted them all? I look forward to your continued contribution :wink: Participation on this site should be fun after all.


She’ll only manage to be the dem candidate if the dems willingly give up the 2020 election in order to focus their efforts on 2024.


Warren is basically a punching bag for the bro right. You got the nickname, the lib views, its the kind of stuff the bro crew love to pounce on.

She won’t come close to the ticket. But she is good fodder for the bro right and the proud boys to scream about between Ruben and Rogan podcasts.

Kind of like a Pat Robertson in the mirror.



And this is …whom? :idunno:


Got it, but meanwhile there’ll be broiled-marrow-delicious entertainment for the picking in watching the DNC dither until a shitpile of damage is done.


thank God she made that clarification, I’d have never guessed it otherwise.


That is the picture of patriarchy right there.


Global leaders will wear thin first.

Only weak people need strong leaders. What America needs is a good attack dog, and now we’ve got one.


uh, errr, wha???

what America needs is a consensus builder. When you sit at the head of the table, you need to expand your influence, not pick petty fights with everyone. The only place to go is down.


Consensus is for herd animals. And influence doesn’t work the way you think it does.

Do what works, and half the people will fall in line behind you. The other half won’t matter.


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I lowkey want her to run against Trump so that Trump would win again so I can feel good about American politics being a shitshow that is barely better than Taiwanese politics.


So, in a way, Trump has mostly been about calling politicians and politics a whole big shitfest, starting with calling Jeb Bush slow and questioning the hero worship of politicians like John McCain and others.

You will never admit it, but you have a lot in common with MAGA people, who are sick of all politicians and their smiling into the camera, and then shitting on the populace off-camera. People think Trump is okay, because he’s calling a spade a spade for all politicians on both sides of the aisle.


What the fuq is up with these Dem politicians?

Beto-boy Instagramming a dentist visit to talk about the border?

Gee… is he gonna do this for a colonoscopy?

I will NOT click on that one.


He went to the dentist? Wow, he’s just like us! Now I need to reevaluate my current political position.


I won’t even click on the dentist one. Politicians have really dirty mouths.


Not really related to Pocahontas, but sort of…

while I don’t agree with a good 40% of her platform, she’s far, FAR more likeable that anything the dems have been promoting. Why isn’t she getting more support from their party? Are there any “NeverTulsiers” in the democratic party, or is it just because of $$$ and connections?


agree, but Dems don’t like her, because she is a rare member of Congress willing to take heat for challenging U.S. regime change projects , in part, because as an Iraq War vet she saw the damage they do.

Dems are warmongers just like neocons. She isn’t. So, the Dem party won’t get behind her.


I have to say Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t really on my radar. doing a quick search brings up this.

Gabbard is a 37-year-old Iraq war veteran and the first Hindu and first Samoan-American elected to the US Congress.

Wow oh wow, maximum intersectionality points to Tulsi, a woman, a Hindu and a Samoan-American. Don’t count her out, those intersectionality points will more than make up for the fact she apparently has no policies, except being against war, which I would applaud her for.


Don’t worry, the #currentyear folks are sharpening their pitchforks: