The Pocahontas 1/2020th thread, aka E. Warren


Okay, this lady deserves her own thread considering she’s thrown her hat into the ring and she’s gonna put her foot in her mouth many times before it’s over, and thus there should be a proper place to accumulate said instances.

Here’s her latest “ooops, maybe I shouldn’t have tweeted that”.

She tried calling him a lobbyist in his new job after leaving Congress, but one tweeter politely corrected her:

“Uh, Gowdy is a lawyer. He’s returning to the law firm where he worked prior to being in government. There’s no indication he’ll be a lobbyist. So the story is really just Former Congressman Returns To Day Job.”

And lest anyone forgot her cracking open a beer and trying to be a good 'ole gal on some webcast just last week, another funny commenter said:

“Is it just me or does cracking a beer while claiming to be Native American set a really bad example for Native Americans whose communities have been devastated by the effects of alcoholism?”

Here’s some YouTubers making fun of her Instagram NYr’s Eve webcast, eith vindeo from it.
Funny stuff starts at 1 minute mark.


I’m a lib, and I’m hoping she doesn’t get through the primaries as she seems like Hillary 2.0. The Native American stuff was a huge avoidable blunder, and Trump knows how to play her like a fiddle.

I’m a Beto guy fwiw.


and she was drinking a Michelob Ultra


Now if she opened one of these, I’d start perking my ears up to hear what she’s got to say.



she won’t win, but she will be useful to the left as she is in lock step with a lot of their core values (and sadly the more recent ultra-sensitive ones).

The Pocohontas thing is sad. She got bullied, by a bully and fell further into the bully trap. Exposed herself as a Beta and someone unfit to lead.

America needs strong leadership in the next decade. Trump’s bellicose tough guy game will wear thin with global leaders.


Only because they get tired of loosing!

What Trump now needs to stop doing though is asking Congress for the money for the big beautiful wall, and make Mexico pay as was promised!



Loosing is bad.

Orange mad bad (that is for all the proud boys and their corny NPC gifs).

I just shudder to look at 2023 with OrangeManBad still in office and who his staff might actually be. Not sure there are enough seasons of the apprentice to fill the void.


P-Lady is like Billary when it comes to Wall Street.
Only talks a big game of trying to control it.


you posted a meme, now I am convinced


now, if you can just take a liking to Colt 45…


Good boy!


Sorry, I’m strictly an O-8 man.


Olde E 800, that’s my brand
drink it in a bottle, 40 oz or can
drink it like a mad man, yes I do
fuck the police and a 5-0 too


I have a t-shirt with that exact picture. Was like $5 in a Target or JCPenney, I forgot.
If you see a person on a street wearing it, just give the password: Have you seen Taitung?


T-shirt envy…


I don’t think she stands a chance of surviving the Democrat primary wars, but it will be very interesting to watch the Democrats walk the length of the rope that Pocahontas’s relationship with identity politics will present them.

Her rotten luck that she pulled off her race shenanigans with the AALS on the cusp of the internet age, just before every move she made would be recorded for posterity to peruse.

She’s like an ISIS female who does not (yet) realize that her background is like a suicide bomb designed to blow up the Democrat party. Can’t wait to see just how much rope the DNC will give her before the floor drops.


Daesh doesn’t use that many female suicide bombers, nor do most terrorist organisations,

But, if you want to make an analogy yours is inept as there are other organisations that use far more female suicide bombers than daesh.


At least she doesn’t wear a too long tie! And she has a brain!


stop bein sexist guyzz


I’m so sick of this bollocks. If Rachel Dolezal ran for president and someone mocked her, which category wold that fall under, sexism or racism, or both?

These numbnuts who keep pushing racist/sexist/homophobic/white supremacy, in situations where it is entirely inappropriate. Don’t seem to understand the damage this does to the minority communities they claim they are sticking up for.


It’s so sad how the “progressive left” only scheme to keep power for themselves, using excuses.

Only Donald can save us.