The posse strikes again

Part 1:
As I posted before on another thread that we and some of our neighbours had a run in with the law, Taiwan’a finest …

Part 2:
Just as I came back from running some errants I noticed that my wife had put the table and chairs inside, hmm… wondering … than I saw the posse a little down the street on our building braking up some stuff accompanied by the POLICE FORCE … this time only three or for of Taiwan’s finest … and now that I just bought myself a state of the art Digital camera … well I figured let’s go and have some fun taking pictures of their duties :laughing:

Crowd watching

More crowded

Taiwan’s finest watching over it

Brute force needed

More of Taiwan’s finest

Mission accomplished

Taking picture for official file

The ‘gettaway car’

It’s very curious that they pick out a place here and there and leave 99.9% of other illegal structures and vendors, wrong parked scooters and cars alone. Strange … wonder what’s behind it … all of them DPP supporters? Because the county government is KMT now, it never happened before.

And I must say they had brought in less of Taiwan’s finest (only 2-3) in today, perhaps they new that there wouldn’t be a ‘crazy’ foreigner this time around. Because it takes a few horses to hold me back when I’m not in the ‘mood’. No cursing this time. :smiley:
Anyhow, it’s refreshing seeing things like this, it’s all by all a boring ‘hood’.

The weirdest thing is that they just broke up a SS ramp and that across the road there is plenty to break up, illegal binlang booths, obstructions of the covered sidewalk and I could go on, but no they just broke up an illegal ramp … hmmm :s

They probably neglected to make their contribution to the policeman’s ball.

We and 3 or 4 of neighbours had the mob come in about a month ago … and yes we didn’t make a contribution to the policeman’s ball … :laughing:

making taiwan safe, one illegal ramp atta time… :unamused:
the bad boys would be proud