The Purebred homeless Rescue

hello there,
Here’s a website called, Purebred homeless rescue.
There are too many purebred dogs in the dog pound or on the street, and if you want to adopt one or you found one that need to find a home. please go to this website, and email me.
I will post them to the site, it’s a Chinese- English website.

email me:
The site:

I don’t have money to change the website address to be a more organization kind.

please help us to foster these dogs or help us to tell more people about our site, to help these poor dogs get adopted.

Thank you~~ You are very welcome to forward the website.

This is a great idea, derekoby! :notworthy:

I go to the Taipei City pound almost every week; I can photograph the many purebreds I see there, together with their ID cards, and forward them to you, if you like. I was there on Wednesday and saw a beautiful shar pei, a beagle, several Labs and retreivers, and several more breeds I don’t know the name of.

If there’s any other way I can help, or Animals Taiwan can help, just let me know and I’ll do my best to support you.

Just a quick question: what’s the reason for only saving purebreds? Is it because they are more likely to get adopted quicker?



Wow! This is new. Good work derekoby! :notworthy: :bravo: :notworthy:

Can you add this one to your website, please? He’s currently fostered at our foster center in Kaohsiung, and eagerly waiting for a loving home.

If you receive inquiries about Buddy, you can contact me via pm, email, or you can give me a call.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Derekoby, you have an email.

BTW, on your site, where you discuss the responsibilities of having a companion animal, you refer to the dog as ‘it’; if we want to encourage people to understand that they are our fellow beings and not objects, perhaps we should say ‘he’ or ‘she’. :wink:

Keep up the good work!