The Queen

Saw this one recently and enjoyed it.

No kissing. No guns. No hysterical shouting. No special effects.

Dialogue. Plot. Long screen shots. Believable characters. Good acting.


Have to say I like the bit with Queenie breaking her Land Rover in the middle of a river and being all alone with nature for a while.

I thought this was a thread about Irishstu.
Still, Mirren’s hot. I used to fancy her something rotten. One of those actors whose presence makes an otherwise lacklustre film worth watching. Hope she gets an Oscar for this one.

i hear this is based on a true story…

Yes, indeed. A truly sad story about people with no lives who feel the need to mourn for a total stranger.

Prince Philip makes a remark to that effect in the movie.

Made me feel homesick; the parts in Balmoral with shots of the mountains were so beautiful. I miss the mountains in Engerland and Skotland.

Never liked Diana, or Blair. Manipulative populists.

Helen Mirren was great.

Buttercup, you should watch Mrs Brown then. Judy Dench as Queen Victoria and Billy Connolly playing a non-comic role as her gamekeeper and confidant. It’s really quite good.
Anyway, here’s some more homesickness for you.

Hmm sounds quite real, Queen Liz all on her own with no bodyguards or people in waiting to take care of her every need? More likely that she had a spare landrover behind and a chopper overhead just in case me thinks. Then again I think Braveheart shagged the queen of England in the movie didn’t he?

Nah. It was Frenchie bint wasn’t it? I’d of given her one too.

Anyway, here’s some more homesickness for you.


and another :wink:

I see Mirren won a poo-load of Baftas for this the other night can only be a good sign. A bunch of my students were banging on about this yesterday saying that they were glad they saw it as their impression of the Royal Family was now different… Maybe l’ll go to this tomorrow…

Fair point. But I meant the cuntryside, not the, erm, y’know.

Brits are vile excepting me and my friends.